Dr. Giagkos Lavranos

School : The School of Sciences
Department : Department of Health Sciences
Position : Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Health

Dr. Giagkos Lavranos Mailing Address

22559486 22559486

Email: G.Lavranos@external.euc.ac.cy G.Lavranos@external.euc.ac.cy


Dr. Giagkos Lavranos has received his MD Degree from the University of Athens, Greece, with distinction (9.33/10). He subsequently completed his Master of Arts in Health Management in the Open University of Cyprus, having received the award for best overall grade, with a master thesis on the evaluation of liver transplantation as a latent public health need in Cyprus. Dr Lavranos has also completed his PhD in the University of Athens, Greece with a doctoral thesis with distinction on the effect of hormonal manipulations on the expression of estrogen receptors in liver regeneration and prostate senescence. Furthermore, he has obtained the ESPEN Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (120 ECTS / equivalent to a Master Degree) and has been selected as a Faculty Member / Trainer for the ESPEN LLL Courses globally. With regard to his clinical training, he has completed his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine in 2013 and has received further accredited training in Hepatology, Emergency and Transplantation Medicine. He has also received his LCCI Higher diploma in Public Health and frequently assists in the organization of educational and scientific events in his field of interest. He is currently a Consultant in Acute and Internal Medicine and an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Public Health in European University Cyprus. He is also an appointed member of the EUC CIQA for 2015-2016 and the national representative of Cyprus in the YI Assembly of the European Federation of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Lavranos’s research interests focus on the effect of pollutants and endocrine disruptors on male infertility and liver function. He has participated in both clinical and basic research in this field, including major relevant biomonitoring networks, such as the COPHES / DEMOCOPHES consortium. He also has a particular interest in disease prevention via individualized forecasting and focused health promotion campaigns, with long term research experience in relevant projects in Greece and has had the honor to serve as a Consultant of the Ministries of Health of both Greece and Cyprus in Public Health Planning. He has published papers in various peer-reviewed journals and presented lectures in regional and global congresses and remains a reviewer for a significant number of Public Health journals. 


01/10/2010 - 30/06/2012

MA Health Management


Public Health

Health Economics

Research Management

Open University Cyprus (university)

Nicosia (Cyprus)



09/01/2008 - 19/06/2012


Role of Estrogens in Prostate Senescence and Liver Regeneration

University of Athens (university)



01/10/2001 - 28/07/2007


Basic and Clinical Sciences

Athens University (undergraduate)


Research Programs


  1. COPHES, DG-Environment and Life plus, 2012
  2. DEMOCOPHES, DG-Environment, European Commission, 2011-2012
  3. H-CUBE, DG-SANCO, European Commission, 2010-2011
  4. EUBIROD / BIRO, DG-SANCO, 2011-2009
  5. MSF. European survey on immigrant accesibility to healthcare facilities, 2010.
  6. ECDC. Europrevalence survey of hopital-acquired infections. July 2010
  7. Πρόγραμμα Απογραφής-Αποδελτίωσης περιστατικών Ηπατίτιδας C, Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου και Cyprus HCV Network, 2008-2009



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  10. European Network for Safety among Elderly – EUNESE, ΚΕΠΑ 2007
  11. EU Secretariat of the European Working Party on Accidents and Injuries, 2007-2008
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