UoE Digital

University of Europe Laureate Digital

Our learning model is exclusively designed for digital learning. Combined with Europe´s leading network of universities it delivers sound resources, a wide range of degrees and access to a vast network of professionals and students.

We bring you cutting edge digital programs and learning supported by effective self-development tools


At last, the digital age has come to Higher Education

Digital technologies applied to higher education empower academics to enrich learning experiences and contents through knowledge exchange platforms, learning acceleration tools and access to students and colleagues. They allow students to gain unprecedented access to knowledge and learning opportunities, connections with teachers and academics and to benefit from new and innovative methodologies and to engage in their continuous learning journey.


Our students

Our students are lifelong learners who are pursuing their dreams. They are determined, open-minded, dynamic and optimistic. They believe that they should never stop learning and growing. They are professionals who balance careers, family and friends. They are determined to acquire new skills so they can take on new challenges. Our flexible, digital model allows them to balance their studies, their work as well as their daily life.


Our exclusive digital learning model

The University of Europe Laureate Digital´s learning model is built to leverage the power of the best that technology has to offer in remote learning and is far more advanced than campus-based and traditional online university programs. Both content and methodologies are digital native. The student will never feel alone thanks to our coaching programs and state-of-the-art interactive multi-device technology. Always with the support of the consistent Laureate Digital platform.

Our Europe´s leading network of universities

As a member of University of Europe´s network we can offer you accredited degrees from leading European higher education institutions. Our programs are available in major languages and will allow you direct connections with a large community of professionals, teachers and students.



European University Cyprus



Universidad Europea Madrid

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid



Istanbul Bilgi University


Our programs and tools. Leadership Accelerator

We offer our students cutting edge digital programs and learning supported by effective self development tools.

  • State-of-the-art degree design and learning methodologies
  • Up to date academic programs designed by professionals that are market-oriented.
  •  Self discovery tools
  •  Leadership Accelerator, a skill development program which forms part of every degree.