Graduation Requirements

Criteria for graduation

In order to qualify for graduation a student must fulfill the following:


Complete the degree requirements in the major program as specified in the Bulletin (Master: 30-42 credits (90-120 ECTS), Bachelor: 126-147 credits (240 ECTS).


Undergraduate students

  • Complete at least the last two years or 60 credits or 120 ECTS in residence at EUC, unless the law provides otherwise.
Post-Graduate and Doctoral students
  • For degrees with 18 months (90 ECTS) duration, students must complete 21 credits/80 ECTS in residence at EUC
  • For degrees with 2 years (120 ECTS) duration, students must complete 30 credits/ 90 ECTS in residence at EUC
  • In the case of Post-Doctoral (PhD) programs of study, a student is registered to successfully complete all required courses and have a minimum of three (3) years length of study, unless the law provides otherwise. 


Maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.00 (for Bachelor Degree programs) or 2.5 and above (for the Master Degree programs) for all credits taken at EUC.


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