Students’ Basic Rights

The following basic rights in no way deny or limit the rights of students. Rather, they aim to highlight the importance of these rights to the educational process and to their own functioning within the university. 
Students are guaranteed the right to free inquiry, expression, and assembly, subject to the limitations of this document, other University policies and bylaws, and in line with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Students are free to pursue their educational goals; appropriate opportunities for learning shall be provided by the University.
Students have the right to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects, and are guaranteed against unreasonable searches and seizures. 

In the case of serious sanctions such as suspension, expulsion, or other limits to the student's right to pursue educational goals, the student shall receive prior notice of the nature and cause of the charges, shall be informed of the nature and source of evidence against him/her, and shall be entitled to a fair hearing before a regularly constituted board.


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