Laureate Professional Assessment

The LPA – Laureate Professional Assessment is the newest tool employed by our Career Center with the purpose of facilitating the transition of young graduates into the job market. This specific assessment tool, developed by Laureate International Universities, is the first of its kind in Europe, and seeks to measure and record the students’ soft skills and competencies and strentghen their employability. The psychometric tool, the LPA Questionnaire, assesses the performance of each candidate in key soft skills and competencies as defined by a global survey of employers. The competencies assessed are: Adaptability to Change, Teamwork/ Cooperation with others, Goal Achievement, Self-Improvement, Leadership Qualities, Universal Understanding and Approach, Analysis and Problem Solving, Innovation and Creativity. Upon completion of the LPA Questionnaire, a Personal Report is issued that records their score, their level of competencies and soft skills and the individual characteristics of the candidate. The LPA Certificate is issued at the end of their studies and complements the academic qualifications of graduates as they enter the job market.