Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) of European University Cyprus. As chair of the department, I would like to share with you some highlights of our department – our world class faculty and research centers, cutting edge learning in our degree programs, alumni success stories, and great job opportunities.


The Department was created in the 1980's (under Cyprus College) to address the needs of the emerging (then) information technology. In the last 30 years the rapid growth of information and communication technologies (ICT) has seen the Department closely follow this evolution and be an active contributor to the academic needs both nationally and internationally.


CSE faculty perform research in a wide range of areas, from Networks and Cognitive Radio, to Video Games and Decision Support Systems. We are honored to have faculty that serve on national and international committees of research programs, and who have received numerous national and international awards. In fact, we are home to Prof. Andreas Efstathiou, the 2013 Scientist of the Year award recipient. At the department we operate several research laboratories, such as the Information and Communications Technologies – Enhanced Education laboratory, the Center for Game Studies, the Decision Support & Systems Optimization laboratory, and others. There, our faculty performs research in areas as diverse as serious games for health, using new technologies in the classroom, and the support of decision makers in industrial settings.


The department is also committed to providing world-class education in both its undergraduate and graduate degree offerings. We currently offer undergraduate (Bachelor of Science) degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering in English; Mathematics in Greek. We also offer a graduate (Master of Science) degree in Information Systems in English. All of our programs closely follow the guidelines set by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and by the International Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) association. The Computer Science and Computer Engineering degrees are recognized by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) a statutory technical advising body for the state and a point of professional reference for all engineers in Cyprus. Also, our Industry Advisory Board guides us towards better integration of our degrees with the local software and hardware industry.

Our department possesses a reputation for excellence in education and in producing graduates of the highest quality. Our graduates are equipped with strong foundations for either integration to the industry or continuing onto further education and/or research. Our alumni have moved on to found their own successful businesses, entered universities abroad (in the UK and the US in particular) to receive graduate degrees, or have found employment in large companies in Cyprus and abroad.

We continuously work towards enhancing our educational and research activities towards reaching our goal to become a constant point of reference for high academic achievement in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region.

Dr. Georgios Christou
Chair – Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Civil & Environmental Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
The 'Civil & Environmental Engineering' Program covers all theoretical and practical knowledge which is necessary for the analysis, design, construction, and management of technical projects, systems, and critical infrastructure. These activities are directly linked ...

Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
The Computer Engineering program provides students with the software, hardware and electronics engineering skills required to design, deliver and maintain efficient and effective computing systems. The program develops practical skills through extensive project work, covering ...

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)
The Computer Science program covers the foundations of the field in theory and practice, including the interaction between hardware and software, the human-computer interface, and the social and economic significance of information technology. The program emphasizes the flexible ...

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Through a combination of courses from both fields the BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers students a sound preparation for their role in designing, installing and maintaining electrical and electronic systems. Students are offered the possibility to specialize in ...

Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
The course covers a wide range of pure and applied mathematics and offers students the capacity to acquire problem-solving skills that would form the foundations for their specialization.

Microsoft Information Systems/Web Technologies (Bachelor of Science)
The Microsoft Information Systems/Web Technologies program enables students to apply theoretical concepts to solve real-life problems related to web/mobile and information systems. Courses cover the principles of information systems, including design, implementation, and ...

Postgraduate Programs of Study

Computer Science (Master of Science)
The program provides advanced knowledge of all important fields of Computer Science, such as modern networks, database systems, algorithms and complexity and software engineering, enabling the student to delve in at least one of them. During the development of the program the ...

Information Systems (Master of Science)
The MSc in Information Systems provides an in-depth understanding of the role of information systems in meeting organizational challenges. The program develops technical knowledge and skills in the design, implementation and management of information systems to respond to market ...

Occupational Safety and Health (Master of Science)
The MSc in Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) is a comprehensive and in depth course covering the management, economic, legal and technical aspects that relate to the hazards of the workplace environment. It is targeted at graduates with an engineering, numerical, business, ...

Doctorate Programs of Study

Computing/Computer Science (PhD)
The  doctorate degree in Computing/Computer Science provides the future PhD holders with the necessary skills and abilities to become successful academics demonstrating an excellence in research and making a significant contribution to the local and international research ...

Occupational Safety and Health (PhD)
The PhD program in Occupational Safety and Health aims to create a new generation of high level research scholars.  The program aims to capitalize on the existing traditional theoretical schools in safety science, while taking in account the local, cultural influences, as ...

Administrative Staff > Departments

Name Position Phone Email
Christos Dimopoulos Dean, Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering 22713193
Demetris Hadjiloucas Deputy Dean, Associate Professor, Mathematics 22713141

Name Position Phone Email
Andreas Grondoudis Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 22713273
Georgios Stylianou Vice-Chair Person, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 22713199
Andreas Efstathiou Vice-Rector, Research & External Affairs, Professor, Science & Mathematics 22713188
Katerina Papanikolaou Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering 22713290
Georgios Christou Associate Professor, Computer Science 22713104
Konstantinos Katzis Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering 22713296
Marina Appiou-Nikiforou Assistant Professor, Mathematics 22713107
Ioannis Michos Assistant Professor, Mathematics 22559556
Vicky Papadopoulou Assistant Professor, Computer Science 22713046
Christodoulos Efstathiades Lecturer, Information Systems 22713224

Special Teaching Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Elias Savvides Senior Instructor, Mathematics & Chemistry 22713292
Haris Christodoulou Senior Instructor, Mathematics & Physics 22713298
Leonidas Koufopavlou Senior Instructor, Computer Science & Engineering 22713287
Pericles Leng Cheng Instructor, Computer Science 22713127
Stavros Charalambous Instructor, Computer Science 22713278

Visiting Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Ioannis A. Mylopoulos Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, Greece N/A
Andreas A. Ioannides Professor, Physics and Neurescience AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd, Cyprus 22713293 N/A
Apostolos Stergioulas Professor, Sport Science & Physical, University of Peloponnese, Greece N/A
Jean-Luc Wybo Professor, Loss Prevention In The Petrochemical Industry, Tongji University, China 22713293
George Hadjisophocleous Professor, Safety Technology, Carleton University, Canada 22713293
Georgia Sotiropoulou Associate Professor, Pharmacology, University of Patras 22713227 N/A

Lab Administration

Name Position Phone Email
Maria Mastorikou Lab Coordinator 22713207
Irine Georgiou Laboratory Assistant 22559411

Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Fotini Tsaliki Administrator 22 713205
Theodora Georgiou Secretary/Personal Assistant 22 713227
Flora Theodorou Secretary/Personal Assistant 22713293
Nasia Alexandrou Secretary/Personal Assistant 22559486