Researchers Night 2017

The European University Cyprus is once again a proud supporter of the “Researchers Night”, an event organized by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) in collaboration with academic -  research institutions and other stakeholders in Cyprus.

The event is an initiative of the European Commission and takes place simultaneously in almost all European countries.

As part of this European wide event, researchers leave their labs for a while and present their work to the general public. 

The “Researcher's Night 2017" will take place at the grounds of the State Fair in Nicosia, on September 29th from 1700 to 0000 with a free entrance. The audience will have the opportunity to take part in an engaging event, filled with music, games, experiments dedicated to science and research

The multidisciplinary team of European University Cyprus researchers will present their work and inform the public about the role and importance of research, in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

The European University Cyprus researchers will run the following activities:

For more information on the event here.

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