The Occupation of the Internal Auditor - Opportunities and Areas of Employment

The European University Cyprus Career Center organized a presentation entitled "The Occupation of the Internal Auditor - Opportunities and Areas of Employment". Mr. Kostas Melanides, Administrative Officer of the Institute of Cyprus Internal Auditors (IIA Cyprus), delivered to the students a presentation on the profession of the Internal Auditor.

Mr. Melanides explained that the Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors was established in 1998 and now includes 560 registered members. It is a full member of the World Institute of Internal Auditors and the European Confederation of Internal Audit Institutions (ECIIA). It is managed by an elected board of ten members. It organizes, on a yearly basis, a training program covering various issues related to the profession. Members and non-members of the Association can attend these training courses. In addition, it promotes the professional qualifications of Certified Internal Auditors (CIA), which are recognized as the top professional training for internal auditors around the world.

The presentation included the core concepts of the internal audit profession; the guidelines and rules established by the IIA for the profession, through the official International Professional Standards; and the Code of Conduct. In addition, the main duties and responsibilities of the internal auditor were analyzed and many examples were presented to the students. Particular emphasis was placed on the three categories of audits carried out by internal auditors using practical examples. At the end of the presentation, students demonstrated a keen interest for the subject and asked questions about job opportunities.

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