The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Our School offers you an insight into disciplines that have long influenced the way we live, how we think and who we really are. In history we study our past to secure a better future, at the same time as philosophy teaches us to treasure human values. We study languages to understand our culture, whilst literature serves us as a constant reminder of our heritage. Studying politics is studying everyday life, just as one studies communication to share ideas. We examine behavior by means of psychology; all the while we study the role of media to understand how society is shaped. The way we see the world and how we make decisions concern us all; identifying what helps build a better future is the School’s mission. Engaged in meeting future challenges, the School invites you to become part of our endeavor to create a better world.


Our School aims at producing top quality graduates destined to become tomorrow’s decision-makers. In doing so, it is our intention to build strong links with society, while also helping students become responsible citizens. The School is committed to equipping our students with the all-important skills to move on in their careers. We pride ourselves on excellence in teaching, promoting critical and creative thinking and, of course, developing the right tools to understand society and the human condition.  In Aristotle’s own words, “the one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” Likewise, training the next generation of researchers, producing new knowledge and providing outreach services at national and international level are our main objectives in research. The faculty members of our School maintain an outstanding performance in research that has generated new knowledge while also producing the necessary ground for our students to take giant steps forward.


Characterizing the School is the combination of novel academic research and students’ creative thinking, the all-important tools that will help us all build a brighter future. Together we shall study human condition, culture and society. Join our School and you will absorb a wealth of ideas that inspires positive change.

Dr. Christos Kassimeris

Dean, Professor, International Relations