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Photovoltaic projects of total power 205kWp at European University Cyprus
Posted: October 17, 2019

European University Cyprus is taking an energy leap forward, decisively promoting a long-term green policy both in its Campus and in the wider community. As part of the implementation of the energy-clearing model, the EUC installed two more photovoltaic parks in September on the rooftops of its buildings, increasing the capacity to 205 kWp.

From 2015 until today, the University has installed photovoltaics with a total electricity generation that exceeds 335,000 kWh per year. Together with the latest additions, 30% of the University’s total energy needs are covered by solar energy.

This means that:

  • 93 tonnes of fuel will be saved per year
  • Atmospheric pollutants will be reduced by 227 tonnes per year


European University Cyprus paves the way for the use of clean economic energy, saving resources and the use of solar energy. Improving the energy performance of campus buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of electrical and thermal energy are declared goals of the European Union, which are being implemented by the University.

It is reminded that in 2013, the European University Cyprus Environment Committee was set up. It is staffed by academics, administrative staff, student representatives and volunteers. The aim of the committee is to advise the University administration on environmental issues, to submit and implement proposals for improving the environmental work and learning conditions at the University, as well as to promote the development of environmental awareness.