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Outgoing Staff for Erasmus+ Teaching/Training Mobility

For Training

Erasmus+ training periods support the professional development of HEI staff. The training period may be in another HEI or any other appropriate organization.  A host HEI for staff training does not need to have an Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement with European University Cyprus.


  1. Training may be in the form of job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops or courses.
  2. Travel must take place between 1st July and 30th September (of the following year). 
  3. Staff should be full-time employees of EUC and CC.
  1. priority will be given to staff who have never undertaken an Erasmus Staff Training mobility.
  2. The recommended minimum duration of staff training mobility is 2 days (excluding travel time) with each day having a full schedule of training.
  3. Attendance of conferences will not be funded.
  4. The Erasmus grant is not intended to cover the full cost of the trip.
  5. Candidates should submit a request for Erasmus Training leave to the HR Department through Exelsys, well in advance. The mobility is subject to the approval of the HR Department. 


For Teaching

Erasmus+ offers a great opportunity for academic staff to teach in one of our partner institutions.  Teaching mobility can only be undertaken to another HEI which holds an ECHE (Erasmus+ Higher Education Charter) and with which EUC holds an Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement.  It provides an opportunity to combine a teaching visit and also meet with our outgoing students during their exchange and address any issues that may arise.


  1. Travel must take place between 1st July and 30th September (of the following year).
  2. The duration of the activity can be from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel
  3. The teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week (or any lower period of stay)
  4. The mobility activity should be carried out in any Program Country different from the country of residence.
  5. Only full-time faculty should apply
  6. Priority will be given to applicants that have never participated in the Program
  7. An Erasmus inter-institutional agreement should be in place with the Host University.
  8. Candidates should submit a request for Erasmus leave to the HR Department through Exelsys, well in advance.

Incoming Staff

The European University Cyprus receives an increasing number of Staff Mobility requests from other universities asking to carry out training or teaching visits here. Requests may come directly to a department or via the Erasmus Office. It is at the discretion of the department concerned whether or not to accept a staff training or teaching visitor. The hosting department is responsible for organizing a program based on the interests of the visitor and there is a considerable time commitment in planning the program and hosting the visit.

Actions for the interested visitors

Visit the EUC website and identify the faculty/department you wish to visit. Contact the relevant person within the faculty/department to discuss common grounds on teaching/research or training interest. Once the dates of the visit have been agreed, the Teaching Program should be prepared. On receipt of the confirmed Teaching Program, an invitation letter from the host faculty/department will be sent by email.


Visiting staff must be employed by a partner institution of European University Cyprus with which there is a specific agreement for Staff Mobility. Financial support should be provided by the home institution of the visitor. Visitors should ensure they have adequate medical insurance, while being in Cyprus. Please note all arrangements must be made at least three months prior to the visit.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol for travelers

Please find below important information for travelers:

  • All necessary protocols are found on the following links: (English) (Greek)

  • The following categorization of countries is based on the risk/epidemiology, which changes weekly:

Category A (similar epidemiology to Cyprus): no test required prior to travelling as of 20/6. Sample testing will take place upon arrival (no isolation though) and the randomly selected travelers will be notified prior to their trip.

Category B (higher risk compared to Cyprus): test is required within 72 hours before traveling (OR if not feasible, upon their arrival in Cyprus with 24-hour isolation at predefined space until test comes out).

Category C ( all other countries, from which travelling is allowed under specific circumstances.

A specific team has been assigned by the Health Ministry to monitor the global situation and renew the list with the countries in each category. This is a dynamic list and might change even on a daily basis, therefore anyone who plans to travel is encouraged to keep close track of relevant updates that might differ from the guidelines by the government.

  • Register into the Cyprus flight pass (link: before  travelling to Cyprus. Please present the completed pass at the airport. The flight pass provides passengers with necessary updated information related to their trip.