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School of Law

At EUC, you will acquire a range of skills and a breadth of knowledge necessary to become a lawyer and excel in legal professions

Bachelor Degrees

Master Degrees

PhD Degrees


The first autonomous School of Law established in Cyprus offers you the opportunity to concentrate in Cyprus Law or Greek Law and develop the analytical, communication and problem-solving skills the profession demands.

  • Programs approved by the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Faculty engaged in student learning and advancement
  • High-level research that directly informs teaching
  • Placement opportunities that boost your career potential

Law students learn a specialized vocabulary and a distinctive way of thinking; they also learn how to communicate their knowledge to real people with real problems.   The School prepares graduates for various career paths including sitting bar examinations in Cyprus or Greece, continuing studies at the LLM or PhD level, or using the law degree for leadership roles in politics, management, journalism, diplomacy, criminology and law enforcement.


Doctorate Degrees