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School of Sciences

At EUC, you gain the technical and softs skills required to adapt and excel in this constantly changing world in the fields of health and life sciences and computer science and engineering

Bachelor Degrees

Master Degrees

PhD Degrees



The three departments of the School of Sciences—Health Sciences, Life Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering—offer a wide range of programs that prepare graduates for leadership roles in the healthcare sector, scientific and medical research, education and business.

The Department of Health Sciences has the most comprehensive program offerings in health care education in Cyprus.  Grounded in science, health care and wellness, the curriculum of each program prepares students for professional health careers in Physiotherapy, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Radiology and Radiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy.  The post-graduate (Master and PhD level) programs provide specialization in a range of health care fields.

  • Continually updated, technology-driven programs—many solely offered in Cyprus
  • Engaged faculty with wide industry exposure
  • High-level research that directly informs teaching
  • Placement, clinical and practical training that enhance your CV
  • Robot simulation labs with the most up-to-date equipment

The Department of Life Sciences provides innovative learning in Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Sports Science and Nutrition and Dietetics.  These programs prepare students to thrive in the dynamic and demanding fields through stimulating scientific discovery and critical problem solving.   Study in the life sciences can lay the foundation for further study and countless career paths.

  • Programs fully adhere to international guidelines
  • Highly specialized, modern laboratories with robot simulation
  • Engaged faculty with wide industry exposure
  • Clinical and laboratory internships to gain experience

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Microsoft Information Systems/Web Technologies, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mathematics.  Programs prepare students for post-graduate studies and/or exciting careers in fields such as cyber security, game design and telecommunications. Many EUC Computer Sciences and Engineering alumni have used their skills to lead start-ups and capitalize on entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Direct access to Microsoft Innovation Center on campus and partners organizations
  • Participation in projects and internships to gain experience before graduating
  • Adherence to Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE),Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) guidelines as applicable
  • High-level research among faculty directly informs teaching
  • Exposure to theoretical and practical applications through well-funded research centers