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Annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching
Posted: January 13, 2020

The Office of the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs announces that it will be accepting nominations and supporting documentation for two awards for excellence in teaching by the 28th of February 2020 (13:00 at the latest). Each award will comprise of 1000 Euro. These awards are for full time faculty and special teaching personnel (STP). Nominations may be made either by self-nomination, by peer-nomination or by student nomination. For the latter, at least five (5) students should endorse the nomination. All nominations should be made using the Excellence in Teaching Nomination Awards Form and its Appendix (attached).

All nominations will be evaluated by a Teaching Awards Panel consisting of:

  • the Rector,
  • the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, and the following ad-hoc members:
  • two external faculty and two internal faculty nominated by the Senate
  • one student representative nominated by the Student

The Panel chaired by the Rector will review the nominations and make a shortlist. The shortlisted candidates will then be invited for a short interview with the awards panel on their work and answer questions.


Nominees will be judged against the criteria/behaviors-activities described in the European University Cyprus Charter Appendix F, pages 116-125 as follows:

Criterion 1: Accessibility/Supervision and Support for Taught Courses (25 percent of score)

Criteria for Evaluation: The extent to which the nominee is available to students outside class sessions for assistance in clarifying difficult concepts, providing constructive assistance to students for their projects, as well as mentoring. The consistency of maintaining office hours.

Truly Outstanding Nominees: The nominee consistently maintains office hours and is available to meet with students. She/he is readily accessible to assist with students’ questions or problems. The nominee demonstrates a highly positive attitude towards students. He/she is both willing and capable of providing superior advising that is thorough and consistently accurate.

Criterion 2: Quality and Effectiveness (45 percent of score)

Criteria for Evaluation: The adequacy of knowledge in the field of expertise; the level of preparedness and effectiveness of delivery/communication of the nominee in teaching assigned courses; reaching teaching objectives; the ability to create a positive, challenging and stimulating learning environment in the classroom; instructional publications such as course manual, degree of interest in the students, as well as taking time to answer questions and clarify/explain concepts; punctuality in meeting classes, class cancellation and rescheduling; ability to showcase class relevance with latest disciplinary/industrial/societal advances.

Truly Outstanding Nominees: The nominee is an outstanding teacher who consistently demonstrates thorough and current knowledge of his/her field of expertise. She/he always comes to class prepared and uses effective traditional and non-traditional teaching methods and techniques. The nominee takes definite measures to make the subject interesting and to create an environment conducive to learning. He/she shows the highest degree of interest in the students, taking time to answer questions and clarify/explain concepts. The nominee is perceived as setting high standards for students’ performance, while being fair and consistent in testing and grading. In addition, the nominee consistently develops and/or utilizes innovative instructional methods, including but not limited to, experimental techniques, interactive processes and Digital Enhanced Learning methods. He/she is engaged in new course development and/or on-going review and updating of existing courses.

Criterion 3: Willingness/Cooperation/ Flexibility (30 percent of score)

Criteria for Evaluation: The degree to which the nominee is willing to perform teaching duties asked of him/her in his/her field of expertise, as well as the ability to maintain a positive attitude in working well with others to develop/participate in inter-disciplinary programs, and achieve the goals and objectives of the Department, School and the University.

Truly Outstanding Nominees: The nominee is truly a team player. She/he not only demonstrates the willingness and flexibility to take on a variety of teaching assignments in his/her field of expertise or integrating inter-disciplinary work, but she/he often volunteers to do so when aware of the need and without being asked. She/he demonstrates a willingness to “do what it takes” in helping to meet the goals of his/her Department and School and the European University Cyprus as a whole. She/he also demonstrates the extraordinary ability to work with others to accomplish assigned tasks. She/he cultivates and maintains positive relationships with others within/across departments/schools, avoiding politics or coalitions.


All nominations and supporting documentation (self-nomination, peer-nomination or student nomination) should be made in Engish using the Excellence in Teaching Nomination Awards Form and its Appendix (attached), and should contain as many of the following items that apply for the nominee’s case (reflecting to their teaching for the previous academic year 2018-19):

  • The nominee’s teaching approaches, special strengths, teaching innovations, and impact on student learning and development with evidence of the nominee’s success in promoting better student
  • Innovative design and/or delivery of a course or modules at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. Samples of excellent or innovative teaching materials, such as course handouts, project descriptions, and assignments that describe the
  • Honours and awards for teaching, for example from student societies or professional organizations.
  • Copies of course and instructor evaluation reports from the previous academic
  • Letters of support or of recommendation from colleagues who have direct knowledge of the candidate’s teaching abilities and
  • Evidence of work with colleagues to promote better teaching (e.g. presenting seminars on teaching, acting as a mentor to newly hired colleagues, organizing workshops for teaching assistants).
  • Evidence of major contribution to curriculum
  • Innovation in assessment and feedback
  • Digital Enhanced Learning
  • Academic support for students
  • Embedding employability skills
  • Inclusive teaching, learning and assessment
  • Strengthening student engagement
  • Evidence for engaging students in research and for developing synergies between teaching and research
  • Any other relevant material that are not included on this


Upon submission of nominations, in case that a nomination is a peer-nomination or a student nomination, the nominees will be notified by the Office of the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs to indicate whether they accept the nomination or not.

Excellence in Teaching Nomination Awards Form