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Important Information for new & current students


Welcome back to campus 

European University Cyprus (EUC) is looking forward to welcoming new and returning students this Spring Semester 2022. Throughout these unprecedented times and in preparation of the upcoming semester, our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our university community, while ensuring that our programs of study continue to maintain the highest academic standards.

In Spring 2022, EUC will resume in-person classroom instruction and most other pre-COVID activities, and administrative offices will begin in-person operations again.  Against the backdrop of the continuing risks and uncertainty of COVID-19, we will continue to be guided in our decision-making by a focus on health and safety.

EUC’s comprehensive plan incorporates public health guidelines, lessons learned and extensive feedback from our community. Many safety measures are in place to support a robust in-person experience for our students, faculty and staff.

The following policies and guidelines are now in effect for Spring 2022, unless otherwise indicated.


Due to the ongoing nature of the global pandemic, all information on this page is subject to change.

Return & Access to Campus

These safety protocols will remain in effect until further notice:


All academic and administrative personnel, students and visitors, can enter the campus only from the designated points of entry HERE. It is necessary to present your SafePass with a valid ID or passport for identification purposes.

The SafePass requirements are:

  1. A vaccination certificate for COVID-19 with at least one dose administered, provided that three (3) weeks have elapsed since the vaccination date.
  2. Official documentation in the case of persons who contracted COVID-19 within the last six (6) months of initially being diagnosed as positive.
  3. A negative COVID-19 laboratory test or rapid antigen test result carried out within the last 72 hours.

Review all the safety protocols HERE


The Health and Safety Office, in close cooperation with the Operations Department of the University, has taken all necessary measures to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and the disinfection of the University campus for the health and safety of our community and visitors.

Room Changes

Before coming to class make sure that you have checked for any changes in your schedule. Classroom changes list HERE

Mode of Delivery for Conventional Courses

The conventional courses for Fall Semester 2021 will be taught in the following ways:

  1. All conventional courses that involve elements of clinical training, lab work, art, etc. will be conducted with physical attendance mandatory for all students. Every student attending will be marked present (meaning that, in case of absence, the student will need to submit a certificate justifying her/his absence to the instructor). There will be no simultaneous webcast of these classes.
  2. All other courses of conventional programs will be offered with students’ physical attendance and simultaneous webcast for those students who will choose for whatever reason not to be physically present (using the HyFlex Course Model). Attendance will be taken for all who are present in the room as well as in the virtual classroom.  Student attendance (physical or virtual) in these courses remains mandatory (meaning that, in case of absence, the student will need to submit a certificate justifying her/his absence to the instructor).
Student and Administrative Support Services

The University administration services are operating normally. However, to safeguard safety and health and to facilitate students who require services, we strongly recommend that students apply online for administrative services.

  • For Academic adviceplease contact via email your student advisor HERE or
  • To apply for the issuance of a student verification, transcriptor related documents, please send your request to the registrar at . More information HERE
  • For studentvisa matters please contact Ms. Christina Kolatsi via email
  • For matters concerning DOATAP and KYSATS please contact: Mr. Victor Hadjiprodromou at
  • For matters concerning financial aid or scholarships (existing students) please contact HERE
  • Students who are fulfilling their degree requirements may applyfor the issuance of their Degree using their student email and password. Payment HERE
    • Application fee: 60€ (mandatory)
    • Apostille fee: 40€ (should you want your Degree & Transcript to be attested)
    • KYSATS fee: 119.60€ (if it is required for your Degree to go through the KYSATS process)

For any inquiries, please contact the Office of the Registrar

EUC Library

The EUC Library on campus is operating under strict health protocol. The virtual library is open 24/7 with more than 120 databases online. Get instant access

For library support please contact through email:


Student Accommodation
We understand that in these uncertain times you might have concerns about your accommodation.  Our dedicated Housing Office team have your health, safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything they do. We will continue to take applications for accommodation. Find out more about housing options available here.
Career Center

The EUC Career Center will continue to support students and graduating seniors. Career advisors will provide career and job search advice, CV writing support and mock job interviews online.  Contact us at

Emergency Contact List

If you experience any of symptoms of COVID-19, it is of outmost importance to follow the guidelines given from the Ministry of Health and contact:

  • Cyprus Ministry of Health COVID-19 helpline: 1420
  • Cyprus Ministry of Health COVID-19 questions: 1450
  • EUC Health & Safety Office: +357 99578363
  • EUC 1stAid Station: +357 99229297
  • COVID-19 latest updates for Cyprus HERE
  • 24 hour dedicated ambulance service for COVID-19:+357 22887171
  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (Ministry of Health) +357 22605-659/ –601
Protect Yourself by Following Hygiene Guidelines

According to the Cyprus Ministry of Health guidelines, all individuals are required to wear a facial covering/mask at all times (unless you have received a medical exemption or when eating, drinking, or alone in a private room).

People are encouraged to use antiseptic gel which is placed at various locations around the campus, for hand disinfection.  

Social distancing measures will be maintained in all common areas.

Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing

Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.


The official contact tracing application of the Cypriot Government. Download the CovTracer App and contribute to the effort made at national and European level. Strengthening contact tracing and protecting yourself and those around you.

The app works with full security of personal data.

Get in touch with EUC

The EUC Contact Center can help with any questions you have. 

You may contact us at:



Faculty and administrative staff members: 

Faculty Contact HERE
Staff Contact HERE