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Treaty of Lausanne and its multiple dimensions

European University Cyprus Law School organises a conference on the Treaty of Lausanne and its multiple dimensions.

The conference will take place in the Cultural Center of European University Cyprus, on Monday 11 December 2023, 11:30 to 14:30.

In the 100 years anniversary Professors and students will discuss in English on the significance of the Treaty and the peace in the region of Eastern Mediterranean and in the Middle East. In times when revisionists pursue to amend the Treaty there is a need for a thorough analysis of the relevant matters in a historic framework and the importance of the Treaty today. Apart from the academic analysis there will be also a simulation of negotiations and moot courts in a historic context presented by the students of Law School under the supervision of Dr. Charalampos Stamelos, Lecturer in History of Law, European University Cyprus Law School. The event is free and open to the public.

Speakers are Dr. Konstantinos Tsimaras, Professor, Dean of the Law School of European University Cyprus, Dr. Charalampos Stamelos, Dr. Michalis Stavrinos, former Ambassador, Instructor, European University Cyprus Law School, Dr. Ilia Xypolia, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK, Dr. Annalisa Triggiano, Post-Doc Researcher and Instructor in the University of Turin, Italy.