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Athanasios Hadjimanolis
Professor, Strategy And Innovation Management
The School of Business Administration
Department of Management and Marketing
Academic Qualifications
Employment History

Chapters in Books

  • Hadjimanolis A. (2003) “The Barriers Approach to Innovation” in Shavinina L. (ed.) “The International Handbook on Innovation” Part VIII, Ch. 1, pp. 559-573. Oxford: Elsevier Science Ltd.
  • Hadjimanolis, A. (2011) “Management Fads, Communities of Practice and Innovation” in Bueno E, and Rivera O. (eds.) “Handbook of Research on Communities of Practice for Organizational Management and Networking: Methodologies for Competitive Advantage” Ch. XIV, IGI Global publications.
  • Kleanthous A. and Hadjimanolis A. (2016) “Co-operative Credit Institutions in Cyprus” in Karafolas S. (ed.) Credit Cooperative Institutions in Europe” pp. 19-41, Springer.

Journal Articles

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  •  Hadjimanolis, A. (2016) “Perceptions of the institutional environment and entrepreneurial intentions in a small peripheral country” International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Vol.28, No.1, pp. 20 – 35.

Research Projects

Management of Innovation and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing.

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