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Christiana Markou
Assistant Professor, European Law On Consumer Protection & E-Commerce
The School of Law
Department of Law
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title (Optional Entry)
PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) 2005-2011 University of Lancaster, UK Thesis title: Consumer-oriented software agents in the buying process: risks, issues and the EU legal response
Cyprus Bar Association 1999-2000 Membership seminars and exams Legal Council of Cyprus
LL.M in European, Commercial and International Law 1998-2000 University of Sheffield, UK
LL.B (Hons.) 1995-1998 University of Sheffield, UK
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
2013 present European University Cyprus, Law lecturer
2014 present Open University of Cyprus, Law lecturer
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
2019 Christiana Markou, Consumer protection on shopping agent and automated marketplace platforms under EU law, Routledge
2017 C. Markou and (eds) EU Internet Law – Regulation and Enforcement T. Synodinou, P. Jougleux, T. Prastitou Springer International Publishing
2019 Christiana Markou, "The Rome I and Rome II Regulations: Cyprus", in Rome I and Rome II in practice, Intersentia
2014 Markou Christiana, Online Marketing: Advertisers Know You are a Dog on the Internet! (October 3, 2015). Savin, Trzaskowski (Eds) Research Handbook on EU Internet Law (Edward Elgar 2014).Available at SSRN: Riefa Christine Edward Elgar 383-410
2015 Markou, Christiana. "The 'Right to Be Forgotten': Ten Reasons Why It Should Be Forgotten." Reforming European Data Protection Law Springer Netherlands 203-226
2011 Christiana Markou, ‘Cyprus Highest Court Not Rejecting Data Retention Law, but Privacy Time Bomb Ticks On’ Sylvia Mercado Kierkegard (ed), Law Across Nations: Governance, Policy & Statutes (IAITL, Nicosia, 2011). 283-295
2016 Markou Christiana, "The freedom of journalism in Cypriot legal order: balancing between the freedom of expression and the right to reputation", Spyridon-Hercules Aktipis, Philippe Jougleux, Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Protection and restrictions of the right in Greek and Cypriot law. 121-168
2016 Markou Christiana, App-solutely Protected? The Protection of Consumers Using Mobile Apps in the European Union, in John A. Rothschild (ed), Research Handbook on Electronic Commerce Law (Edward Elgar 2016). Available at SSRN: Riefa Christine Edward Elgar
2016 Markou Christiana, "Behavioural Advertising and the New 'EU Cookie Law' as a Victim of Business Resistance and a Lack of Official Determination." Data Protection on the Move. Springer Netherlands 213-247
2017 Markou, Christiana, "The Consumer Rights Directive", in A.R. Lodder & A.D. Murray (eds.), EU Regulation of E-Commerce: A Commentary. Edward Elgar
Research Projects
Date Title
2018 Ex-post evaluation of the Programme of Community Action in the field of consumer policy 2007-2013 and the mid-term evaluation of the Consumer Programme 2014-2020: Cyprus Report
2018 Cyprus Presentation on behalf of European University Cyprus as a Partner of the Consortium in the European Justice project SC meeting “SAT- LAW: Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation”,2018-2020, 24-25 September 2018, Padova Italy.
2004 Cyprus Report for the Consumer Law Compendium: presents the results of a wide-ranging study prepared for the European Commission, it is part of the research the Commission has undertaken in the process of preparing the review of the consumer acquis, analyses the transposition of 8 important consumer directives into the national laws of 27 Member States
August 2012 Report on the Cyprus Legal Framework on Open Source Software Licenses, Research project funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation on the Legal Aspects of Open Source Software under Cyprus Intellectual Property law: Final Report.
2015 Christiana Markou and Georgia Zantira, Study on the law applicable to companies with the aim of a possible harmonisation of conflict of laws rules on that matter (JUST/2014/JCOO/PR/CIVI/0051): evaluation of the practical problems caused by the lack of harmonisation of the conflict-of-law rules concerning companies and the possibilities for harmonising such rules, a comparative analysis of the provisions of private international law in the 28 Member States, setting out the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions proposed (2015): Cyprus Report
2016 Study to support the fitness check of EU consumer law (JUST/2015/RCON/PR/CO02/0112): assessment on whether the objectives of several directives have been efficiently achieved and fully delivered and on whether these directives have efficiently achieved consumer protection and market integration objectives, Cyprus Report
2017 IMPRESS, IMproving Preparedness and Response of HEalth Services in major criseS, EU Project No: 608078 (CP-FP), (member of Ethical Review Committee – advisory role with regards to matters with regards to ethics and data protection pertaining to the project and the demos and drafting of relevant deliverable
January 2017 JURI/2015-002 - Lot 2 - Contract Law - Study on consumer guarantees and life span of products
2017 EU project JP-COOPS, Judical and Police Cooperation Preventing Radicalisation Towards Terrorism 2014-2020, European Commission-DG-Justice- project: JUST-JTRA-EJTR-AG-2017: Action grants to support transnational projects on judicial training covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights, October 2017, Brussels, Belgium.
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