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Chrysanthi Chlapoutaki
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Interventional and Pediatric Radiology
The School of Medicine
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title (Optional Entry)
Inferior Vena Cava Filters   University of Athens, Department of Epidemiology (Prof. D. Trichopoulos) , and the Vascular Interventional Department of Massachusetts General Hospital,Harvard University Medical School Inferior Vena Cava Filters"Under the auspices of University of Athens, Medical School, Department of Epidemiology (Prof. D. Trichopoulos) and the Vascular Interventional Department of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
Master _in Perinatal Imaging (DU Imagerie Anté et Périnatale)   Université Paris V - Paris Descartes    
Postgraduate studies in fetal brain Imaging   Université Paris VI — Pierre et Marie Curie    
Postgraduate studies in Cardiac Imaging Université de Lausanne   University Hospital (CHUV)      
Radiologic Pathology Cours,   Armed Forces Institute of Pathology,Washinghton D.C..      
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
01/2017   University of Athens, Medical School University of Athens Visiting Lecturer
09/2015   University of Athens, Medical School University of Athens Visiting Lecturer
01/2008 03/2009 Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Pediatric Radiology. Trousseau University Hospital of Paris(Paris VI), France Senior Consultant and Teaching
09/2006 01/2008 Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, CHUV University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland Assistant Professor
03/2009 Present Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Pediatric Radiology Athens,Greece Chief of diagnostic and interventional Pediatric Radiology Department
06/2010 Present Iaso General Hospital Larissa, Greece Chief of pediatric CT and MRI Imaging
05/2013 Present REA Maternity Hospital Athens, Greece Chief of pediatric CT and MRI Imaging
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
2006 Parametric image processing in contrast ultrasound of focal liver lesions: Preliminary results using a novel software for improved characterization. C. Chlapoutaki, N.Rognin, M. Arditi A, P Schnyder, J.Y.Meuvly Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 32 151
2012 Fetal MRI: is it really helpful? Trompoukis P,Papantoniou N, Chlapoutaki C, Mesogitis S, Antsaklis A Materal Fetal Neonatal Med 25 2363-8
2009 Custom-made covered transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) in an infant with trisomy 22 and biliary atresia Chlapoutaki CE, Franchi-Abella S, Habes D, Pariente D Pediatr Radiol 39 739-42
2006 Clinical experience with Gunter temporary inferior vena cava filters Chlapoutaki CE, I.Kaskarelis, M.Koukoulaki et al Journal of Clinical Imaging 30 108-113
  A comparison of acute hemorrhagic stroke outcomes in 2 populations: the Crete-Boston study. Zaganas I , Chlapoutaki_ C, Tsimoulis D, Giannakoudakis E, Chochlidakis N, Ntailiani_A, Valatsou C,Papadaki E, Vakis A, Furie KL, Greenberg SM, Plaitakis A        
2005 Efficiency of Flat Panel Display for Report Generation:Comparison with Lighted Screen C.Chlapoutaki,J.Y.Meuvly,P.S.Schnyder et al EUROSON 2005 RSNA 2004    
2012 Authored the chapter of Congenital Chest Anomalies for the Teaching Manual of The Pediatric Chest for the University of Athens, Medical School     BOOK CHAPTER  
  Incidental detection of pulmonary embolism by contrast-enhanced multidetector CT (MDCT) in asymptomatic in- and out-patients C. Chlapoutaki, EM. Kamel, F. Doenz, SD. Qanadli, P. Schnyder, S. Schmidt ESTI 2007,SSR2007      
2006 CT angiography in acute pulmonary embolism: Do we need multiplanar reconstructions to evaluate the right ventricular dysfunction? E.M.Kamel,G.Adler- Etechami,S.Schmidt,C.Chlapoutaki,P.Schnyder,S.D. Qanadli      
  Characterisation of Congenital Chest Anomalies with prenatal MR Imaging C.Chlapoutaki, F.Gudinchet, P.Schnyder L.Alamo      
Research Projects
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
Awards/International Recognition
Date Title
2009 Dr.Chlapoutaki has received recognition for innovating techniques in Interventional Radiology including the original work in Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) in infants, Transjugular Hepatic Biopsies in children and the introduction of a new technique in Percutaneous Biopsies in children followed by hemostatic embolisation.
Other Achievements