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George Boustras

George Boustras

Professor, Risk Assessment


School of Sciences

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic Qualifications

Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department
PhD in Probabilistic Fire Risk Assessment 2003 Kingston University School of Mechanical and Production Engineering
MSc Energy Resources Management 1997 London South Bank University School of Engineering Systems and Design
Eng. (Honours) Chemical Engineering 1995 London South Bank University School of Applied Science
European Certificate in e- Learning Course Design and Teaching 2013 UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA

Employment History

Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
2014 2021 European University Cyprus Cyprus Dean, School of Business Administration
2017 Present European University Cyprus Cyprus Full Professor
2013 2014 European University Cyprus Cyprus Director of Postgraduate Studies


Ref. Number Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
1 2022 Occupational health and safety in Cyprus: A historical overview Leontidou, E. Safety Science 145 105474
2 2021 Assessing the common occupational health hazards and their health risks among oil and gas workers Benson, C., Dimopoulos, C., Argyropoulos, C.D., Varianou Mikellidou, C.C Safety Science 140 105284
3 2021 The use of weak signals in occupational safety and health: An investigation Nicolaidou, O., Dimopoulos, C., Varianou- Mikellidou, C., Mikellides, N. Safety Science 139 105253
4 2021 Safety and risk analysis in digitalized process operations warning of possible deviating conditions in the process environment Benson, C., Argyropoulos, C.D., Dimopoulos, C., Mikellidou, C.V. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 149 pp. 750- 757.
5 2021 Measuring performance within the ageing workforce Varianou-Mikellidou, C., Nicolaidou, O., Safety Science 140 105286
Dimopoulos, C., Mikellides, N.
6 2020 Towards a reconceptualization of safety and security, their interactions, and policy requirements in a 21st century context Waring A Safety Science 132 104942
7 2020 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) management practices in micro- and small-sized enterprises: The case of the Portuguese waste management sector Rodrigues, M.A., Sá, A., Masi, D., Oliveira, A., Leka, S., Guldenmund, F. Safety Science 129 104794
8 2020 The effects of part-time employment and employment in rotating periods on occupational accidents. The case of Greece Anyfantis I Safety Science 121 1-4
9 2020 Validating the accuracy of ESENER-II in assessing psychosocial risks for the case of micro firms in Cyprus Stamatogianni, E., Anyfantis, I.D., Dimopoulos, C Safety Science 120 783-797
10 2019 Crisis management in public administration: The three phases model for safety incidents Tokakis, V., Polychroniou, P., Safety Science 113 37-43
1 2022 Occupational health and safety in Cyprus: A historical overview Leontidou, E. Safety Science 145 105474


Research Projects

Ref. Number Date Title Funded by Project Role*
1 2020 Jun 20: RESPOND-A : “Next- generation equipment tools and mission-critical strategies for First Responders”, (06/20 – 06/23) (EUC €360,265) H2020-SU-DRS02-2018- 2019-2020 - Technologies for first responders 1
2 2020 Sep 20: METICOS “A Platform for Monitoring and Prediction of Social Impact and Acceptability of Modern Border Control Technology”, (09/20 – 09/23) (EUC €459,750) SU-BES01-2018-2019- 2020 - Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects of border and external security 2
3 2021 September 21: PDEX-JIP, “Professional Dialogue Exercises - Jordan Israel Palestine”, (01/22 – 12/24), (EUC €150,000) European Civil Protection Mechanism 3
4 2021 September 21: HOPE, “Complex Earthquake Management in South Caucasus Vulnerable Areas through Effective Planning, Reaction and Joint Operations”, (01/22 – 12/24), (EUC €150,000) European Civil Protection Mechanism, 4
5 2021 June 21: NEMAUSUS, “Network of European Multihazard cApacities hUb of Scientifics Understanding and Sharing”, European Civil Protection Mechanism, (01/22 – 12/24), (EUC €50,000) European Civil Protection Mechanism, 5
6 2021 September 21: BALANCE, “Large Scale Earthquake Management at European Civil Protection Mechanism, 6
Western Balkans through Joint Cross Border Cooperation Activities”, European Civil Protection Mechanism, (09/21 – 08/23), (EUC €150,000)
8 2020 Sep 20: TELE-OSH “A risk assessment framework for teleworking in the COVID19 era”, (10/20-04/21), Coordinator, (EUC €30,000) funded by the COVID19 Fund of the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation 8
9 2020 Jun 20: GRACE: “Global Response Against Child Exploitation” (09/20- 09/23), (EUC, €232,500) H2020-SU-FCT02-2018- 2019-2020 - Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism 9
10 2019 Jan 19: AQ-Serve: “Air Quality Services for a cleaner air in Cyprus”, (01/19 – 12/21), (EUC €101,000) Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, INTEGRATED/0916/0016, 10

Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees

  • Ref. Number Period Organization Title of Position or Service Key Activities
    1 2018 World Bank Expert, External Agent Assist in the development and application of the National Reform program of the Republic of Greece
    2 2016 Ministerial Council of the Chair, Expert Group Advancement of the fire-fighting capacity in Cyprus
    Republic of Cyprus
    3 2016-2018 HE the President of the Republic of Cyprus Vice President, Energy Strategy Council
    4 2014-2015 Republic of Cyprus Member, Energy Strategy Council
    5 2013-2015 European Network of Critical Infrastructure Protection, JRC, Institute of Citizen Protection Member, Academic Committee

Awards/International Recognition

Other Achievements