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Georgios Palaghias
Acting Chairperson, Professor, Prosthodontics
The School of Medicine
Department of Dentistry
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title (Optional Entry)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 1975 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Dentistry
Specialty in Prosthodontics 1985 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden Faculty of Dentistry
Odontologie Doktor 1985 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden Faculty of Dentistry Oral Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibition Processes. An vitro study
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
1975 1987 Karolinska Institute Faculty of Dentistry Stockholm, Sweden Various positions
1986 2002 Research Center for Biomaterials Athens, Greece Scientific Director Managing Director
2002 2016 Aristotle University, Faculty of Dentistry Thessaloniki, Greece           Professor
2017 Today European University Cyprus School of Medicine Department of Dentistry Nicosia, Cyprus Professor
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
1985 Oral corrosion and corrosion inhibition processes. An in vitro study Swed Dent J. Supplement 30
1985 The role of phosphate and carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffers in the corrosion processes of the oral cavity. Dent Mater 1 139-144
1990 Surface reactions of adhesives on dentin. Eliades G., Vougiouklakis G. Dent Mater 6 208-216
2007 Interfacial characteristics of adhesive luting resins and composites with dentine. Kubais A.A.,Chakmakchi M., Karanika-Kouma A., Eliades G. Dent. Mater. 23 829-839
2009 Setting characteristics and cavity adaptation of low-shrinking resin composites. Papadogiannis D., Kakampoura A., Eliades G. Dent Mater 25 1509-1516
2014 In vitro spectrophotometric evaluation of Vivera clear thermoplastic retainer discoloration Zafiriadis A., Karamouzos A., Athanasiou A., Eliades T. Aust Orthod J 30(2) 192-200
2015 A simple and rapid HPLC method for the direct determination of residual monomers released from dental polymeric materials in blood serum and urine Samanidou V., Livadiotou D., Papadogiannis I. J Liq Chromatogr Relat Techno 38(2) 201-207
2016 Evaluation of monomer leaching from a resin cement through dentin by a novel model Kerezoudi C., Gogos C., Samanidou V., Tziafas D. Dent Mater 32(11) e297-e305
2018 Bonding of composite to base materials: Effects of adhesive treatments on base surface properties and bond strength Anastasiadis K., Koulaouzidou E., Eliades G. J Adhes Dent 20 151-164
2018 HPLC study of the inhibiting effect of phosphate and bicarbonate buffers on the leaching pattern of dental resin composites Mourouzis P., Samanidou V. J Liq Chromatogr Related Techno DOI:10.1080/10826076.2018.1431277
Research Projects
Date Title Funded by Project Role*
1982-1985 2.500.000 sek per year Project Coordinator
1990-2002 150.000.000 drs per year Project Coordinator
2004-2010 1.000.000 euros Project Coordinator
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
Period Organization Title of Position or Service Key Activities
1986-2002 Research Center for Biomaterials  -Founder -Scientific Director - Managing Director -Member of the Board of    Directors - Notified Body for Medical Devices of the European Union - Certification Body - Quality control of Medical Devices - Research
1994-1996 National Drug Organization Member of the Board of Directors
2011-2015 School of Dentistry, Aristotle University Dean
2006-2016 School of Dentistry, Aristotle University Chairman Dept. of Basic Dental Sciences
2017- Today Department of Dentistry, School of Medicine, European University Cyprus Chairperson, Department of Dentistry
Awards/International Recognition
Date Title Awarded by:
1985 1st award in Dental Materials Research, Sweden
1985 “LIC Stipendium” award for my research in Dental Materials LIC Dental, Stockholm, Sweden
1990 Award in Postgraduate International Hatton Award Competition Continental European Division, International Association for Dental Research
Other Achievements
Date Title Key Activities:
1997     Auditor of Quality Assurance Systems Audit of Quality Assurance Systems according to Directive 93/42 concerning Medical Devices
1998   Auditor of Premarket Notification [510(k)], Staff College, Food and Drug    Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, USA Audit of Quality Assurance Systems according to Premarket Notification [510(k)]
2000     Expert of the National Accreditation System, Athens, Greece Accreditation of Institutional Quality Assurance Systems (Certification Bodies, Laboratories etc.)
1988 Coordinator of the Committee of Ministry of Health for Dental Laboratories Development of Standards for Dental Laboratories
1989 Member of the Committee of Ministry of Health for Dental Affairs The Committee proposed several improvements for dental care
1987-1996 Member of the following Committees of the National Drug Organization: -Dental Materials -Medical Devices -In vitro Diagnostics Control of the products, issue of license for the Greek market
1998  Country representative at the meetings of Experts and Ministers for "Quality in Health Care" in Vienna and Bad Tatzmannsdorf respectively
2006 Committee for Objections against State Competitions, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2008-2015 Scientific Consultant for the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC)
1988-1999 Writer and proposer of the following Ministerial Decisions: •  Α3β/Οικ. 3686/88 •  Α4β/1016/88 •  Ε3/960/98 •  Ε3/1120/98 •  Ε3/833/99