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Theodoros Xanthos
Chairperson, Professor, Physiology and Pathophysiology
The School of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department
Ptyhion Iatrikis 1987 - 1993 School of Medicine National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medicine
PhD (Doctorate) 1999-2002 School of Medicine National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medicine
Post Graduate Certificate 2012-2013: University of Cardiff Medical Education
MSc 2013-2015 University of Cardiff Clinical Toxicology
Post-Graduate Diploma 2013-2014 University of Cardiff Medical Education
Master of Research (MRes) on Higher Education 2013-2015 University of Liverpool Medical Education
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
2015 today European University Cyprus Cyprus Full Professor of Physiology and Pathophysiology
2013 2015 Midwestern University of Chicago Chicago Full Professor
2011 2013 University of Cagliari Italy Full Professor
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
2018 Perception of inappropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation by clinicians working in emergency departments and ambulance services: The REAPPROPRIATE international, multi-centre, cross sectional survey. Druwé P, Monsieurs KG, Piers R, Gagg J, Nakahara S, Alpert EA, van Schuppen H, Élő G, Truhlář A, Huybrechts SA, Mpotos N, Joly LM, Xanthos T, Roessler M, Paal P, Cocchi MN, BjØrshol C, Pauliková M, Nurmi J, Salmeron PP, Owczuk R, Svavarsdóttir H, Deasy C, Cimpoesu D, Ioannides M, Fuenzalida PA, Kurland L, Raffay V, Pachys G, Gadeyne B, Steen J, Vansteelandt S, De Paepe P, Benoit DD Resuscitation. 2018 132: 112-119
2018 Development and Testing of a Novel Anaesthesia Induction/Ventilation Protocol for Patients With Cardiogenic Shock Complicating Acute Myocardial Infarction Chalkias A, Pavlopoulos F, Papageorgiou E, Tountas C, Anania A, Panteli M, Beloukas A, Xanthos T. Can J Cardiol. 34 1048-1058.
2018 Ethical challenges in resuscitation Mentzelopoulos SD, Slowther AM, Fritz Z, Sandroni C, Xanthos T, Callaway C, Perkins GD, Newgard C, Ischaki E, Greif R, Kompanje E, Bossaert L. Intensive Care Med. 44 703-716
2017 Metabolomics profiling reveals different patterns in an animal model of asphyxial and dysrhythmic cardiac arrest Varvarousis D, Xanthos T, Ferino G, Noto A, Iacovidou N, Mura M, Scano P, Chalkias A, Papalois A, De-Giorgio F, Baldi A, Mura P, Staikou C, Stocchero M, Finco G, d'Aloja E, Locci E. Sci Rep. 7 16575
2017 Airway pressure and outcome of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A prospective observational study Chalkias A, Pavlopoulos F, Koutsovasilis A, d'Aloja E, Xanthos T. Resuscitation 110: 101-106
2016  Intralipid™ administration attenuates the hypotensive effects of acute intravenous amiodarone overdose in a swine model Xanthos T, Psichalakis N, Russell D, Papalois A, Koutsovasilis A, Athanasopoulos D, Gkiokas G, Chalkias A, Iacovidou N Am J Emerg Med. 34 1389-93
2016 A survey of key opinion leaders on ethical resuscitation practices in 31 European Countries Mentzelopoulos SD, Bossaert L, Raffay V, Askitopoulou H, Perkins GD, Greif R, Haywood K, Van de Voorde P, Xanthos T Resuscitation 100 11-7
2015 Ethics of resuscitation and end-of-life decisions section Collaborators. European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation Bossaert LL, Perkins GD, Askitopoulou H, Raffay VI, Greif R, Haywood KL, Mentzelopoulos SD, Nolan JP, Van de Voorde P, Xanthos TT Resuscitation 95 302-11
2015 An Advisory Statement by the Advanced Life Support Task Force of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee and the Council on Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Perioperative and Resuscitation Donnino MW, Andersen LW, Berg KM, Reynolds JC, Nolan JP, Morley PT, Lang E, Cocchi MN, Xanthos T, Callaway CW, Soar J; Circulation:2448- 132 2448-56.
2019 Personalized physiology-guided resuscitation in highly monitored patients with cardiac arrest-the PERSEUS resuscitation protocol. Chalkias A, Arnaoutoglou E, Xanthos T. Heart Fail Rev. Feb doi: 10.1007/s10741-019-09772-7
Research Projects
Date Title Funded by Project Role*
2011 Study of the Adrenal glands in the outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation . ELPEN Research Center PI
2011 The effects of erythropoietin administration in a swine model of ventricular fibrillation National (Greek) Call PI
2011 Comparison of the immunological response in sepsis after administration of various micro-organisms in an experimental model of sepsis in swine ELPEN Research Center PI
2012 Comparison of the impedance threshold device in cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the acute injury in vital organs in a pediatric model of ventricular fibrillation ITD grant PI
2012 Nifekalant: A novel antiaarhythmic in the treatment of cardiac arrest: Comparison with Amiodarone National (Greek) Call PI
2012 The effects of centhaquin in comparison with starches in hemorrhagic shock in young pigs NIH (Midwestern University of Chicago) PI
2014 Comparative study of ventilation with and without leakage of air in the outcome of neonatal asphyxia ELPEN Research Center PI
2014 Comparative study of asynchronous chest compressions with a 3:1 ratio in a neonatal swine model of asphyxia, ELPEN Research Center PI
2014 Identification of the various metabolomic profiles in animals subjected to asphyxia or ventricular fibrillation Cariplo (University of Cagliari) PI
2018 Towards long-acting adrenaline for cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Production and characterization of a liposomal formulation. University of Cagliari PI
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
Period Organization Title of Position or Service Key Activities
2012-2016 European Resuscitation Council Working Group Formulation of Life Support Courses and European Guidelines
2015-2018 American College of Clinical Pharmacology Educational Committee Uniformity of training for Clinical Pharmacology
2018-now American College of Clinical Pharmacology Committee of Honours and Awards Responsible to organize and support the honours and the awards of the College
2015-2020 International Liaison Committee of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Working Group Formulation of World Guidelines (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and New Zealand)
2018-now Academy of Medical Educators Member of the Executive Committee Formulation of Medical Education Guidelines
Awards/International Recognition
Date Title Awarded by:
2013 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Academy of Higher Education
2014 Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators (FAcadMed) Academy of Medical Educators
2015 Fellow of the European Resuscitation Council (FERC) European Resuscitation Council
2015 Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (FCP) American College of Clinical Pharmacology
2015 European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) EUROTOX
2016 Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC) European Society of Cardiology
2017 Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (FRSM) Royal Society of Medicine
2009 President of the Hellenic Society of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Hellenic Society of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
2011 Survival, Pro-Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Levels in a Newborn Swine Protocol of Hypoxaemia-Reoxygenation with Different Oxygen Concentrations. Italian Society of Neonatology
2008 An non-O2 consuming inotrope drug improves survival in an animal model of cardiac arrest. The European Anaesthesiology
Other Achievements
Date Title Key Activities:
2010-now Assessor of research grants for biomedical research for  Fondazione Capirlo Assessor of grants
2010-now Assessor of research grants for biomedical research for Austrian Sciences Fund Assessor of grants
2013-now Assessor of research grants for biomedical research for National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Assessor of grants
2015 Decree of Merit on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st Century, Cambridge, United Kingdom
2015 International Advisory Board, of Wroclaw University Appointment by the Rector
2017 Italian Patent of Liposal formulation of Adrenaline Patent
2018 World Patent of Liposal formulation of Adrenaline Patent
2019 Co-founder of the drug Centhaquin in haemorrhagic Shock Investigator, drug now in Phase 3 following FDA approval
2013 Educator of the European Resuscitation Council Ascertain that all Generic Instructor Courses run at the highest standards all over Europe
2019 Italian Ministry Education and Research MIUR assessor of National funding