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Medical Sciences

PhD graduates demonstrate high-level research skills and seek to make a significant contribution to knowledge in biomedical sciences, as well as to the improvement of human and global health
Medical Sciences at EUC
The PhD in Medical Sciences provides advanced training in the primary areas of Basic Science, Clinical and Translational Science and Medical Education. Rigorous and multi-disciplinary, the program supports scientific inquiry to develop leaders in the medical sciences. During their studies, PhD candidates may be employed as scientific collaborators, clinical trainers or laboratory assistants at the School of Medicine, thus gaining academic experience. Graduates will be able to work as academics, researchers, scholars, experts or consultants in a variety of public and private health sectors, in decision-making and policy formulating functions.

Program Summary

Languages: English
Duration:3 years
Mode of Study:On Campus

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Admission Process

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Student Housing

GENERAL INFORMATION FOR DOCTORAL STUDIES European University Cyprus announces every academic year a limited number of places for doctoral studies in both Fall and Spring Semester (commencing  October and February, respectively). Applications are submitted using the application form.  All necessary supporting material accompanying the application are described in the application form. Last day for submitting applications for EU Applicants:
  • For Fall Semester: Initial deadline: 15 June per year (if positions remain available, additional applications for these positions are accepted by 15 September per year)
  • For Spring Semester: 15 January per year
Last day for submitting applications for Non-EU Applicants (Due to visa requirements):
  • For Fall Semester:15 June per year
  • For Spring Semester: 1 December per year
The final selection is based on assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and personal interview(s).
Call for Submission of Application for Doctoral Studies
The Ph.D. Program in Medical Sciences of the Department of Medicine of European University Cyprus announces a limited number of places for doctoral studies every year in one or a combination of the following areas:
  • Neuroscience
  • Cancer Biology & Clinical Oncology
  • Cardiovascular Systems
  • Infectious Diseases, Immunology & Microbiology
  • Medical Education
  • Surgery
More information about the scientific areas of the academic staff/supervisor. Application, supporting material and admission procedure:
  1. The application is submitted using the application form
  2. The necessary supporting material accompanying the application are described in the application form.
  3. The final selection is based on assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and personal interview(s).
ADMISSION CRITERIA: The program is offered in English. Τhe interested applicants are expected to submit a research proposal with their application relevant to one of the areas/pillars indicated above. Applications for admission to the Ph.D. in Medical Sciences are accepted from individuals with a Medical Degree (M.D.) and/or Dental Degree and/or a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline. The Department, after examining the content/discipline of the applicants’ previous academic studies and the proposed research area/pillars, reserves the right to request that applicants take specified postgraduate courses and/or pass specified appraisals prior to admission to the program. All candidates will be invited to an interview. For further information you may contact the Office of Admissions at 22713000 or [email protected]
Degree RequirementsECTS
Specific Coursework / Courses30
Comprehensive Qualifying Examination10
Preparation and Submission of a Dissertation Proposal
Ph.D. Fieldwork90
Ph.D. Dissertation30
Total Requirements180

Doctorate – Medical Sciences

Specific Coursework / Courses30 ECTS
CodeCourse TitleECTS
PMS700Methods in Basic Science and Clinical Research10
PMS710Statistics in Medical Research, Data Analysis and Interpretation10
PMS720Research Ethics and Scientific Writing10
Comprehensive Qualifying Examination10 ECTS
Preparation and Submission of a Thesis - Dissertation Proposal20 ECTS
Ph.D. Fieldwork90 ECTS
Ph.D. Dissertation30 ECTS
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