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Research Fellow

Deadline : 15 NOVEMBER 2019

European University Cyprus welcomes applications for employment in the following position:

Research Fellow for the project ‘Politicization of Identities in Diaspora: Cosmopolitanism & Conflict Discourses’, funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation, Research Excellence Hubs

Job profile


  • Coordinate project activities (meetings, Roundtables, dissemination events etc. – e.g. invite participants, prepare agenda, write the minutes of the meetings, etc.)
  • Monitor and update the project’s social media accounts and the project website
  • Contribute to the recruitment of participants for data collection
  • Prepare fieldwork/data collection documents
  • Conduct Data Collection (in Cyprus): including 30 interviews with diaspora returnees, observations and recording of 6 events (eg. alumni events) and data from social media
  • Write fieldnotes & reflections on data collection
  • Archive and anonymize data
  • Transcribe collected data & translate a small number of documents
  • Analyze data collected in NY, London and Cyprus, and generate comparison analysis
  • Write reports on data collection and analysis
  • Contribute towards literature reviews for the project
  • Contribute towards compiling progress reports for the project


  • PhD in a relevant degree (sociolinguistics, or anthropology or diaspora studies or international relations or sociology)
  • Experience with ethnographic methods
  • Experience with data analysis (preferably knowledge of Nvivo or another qualitative analysis software)
  • Excellent knowledge of Greek and/or the Cypriot dialect of Greek
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team-working skills

Overview of the project:

This project will examine Greek-Cypriots’ experiences of living in a vibrant multicultural city such as London and New York, as well as the experience of returning back, and ask whether and how the experience of diaspora influences their perceptions of the legacy of conflict in their country of origin. It focuses on people in a range of different diasporic positions – university students, young professionals, settled families, community stakeholders, and returnees – and it aims to investigate ethographically the ways in which Greek-Cypriot ‘diasporans’ negotiate representations of their homeland and their ethnic identities in different settings and events, both on- and off-line, especially when the conflict legacy in Cyprus arises as an issue. Specifically, it examines the tension between “cosmopolitanism” and “ethnic containment” looking at (a) how the cosmopolitanism of urban life in superdiverse metropoles affect community discourses and identifications, particularly in relation to the conflicted homeland; and vice versa: (b) how the homeland conflict affect ethnolinguistic socialization and community organization in diaspora. The project links Sociolinguistics with studies on International Relations/ Peace & Conflict studies, making an important contribution to interdisciplinary dialogue. Finally it reveals the significance of diasporic communicative practice for social cohesion and conflict resolution.

Applications Submitted:

Should you wish to be considered for this employment opportunity, please forward your application to the EUC Research Office at by 22/11/2019.

All applications shall be treated in strict confidentiality and only candidates that meet the job specifications will be contacted.