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Research Centers

The research activity of the University is concentrated in a number of Research Centers and groups which are described briefly below.


Centers of Excellence


CERIDES Center of Excellence in Innovation and Technology

CERIDES is the first cross-disciplinary, cross-school Center of Excellence to be established at European University Cyprus. The Center implements horizontal research activities in scientific areas related to the fields of Risk and Decision Sciences. CERIDES is directed by Prof. George Boustras and Dr Christos Dimopoulos in the School of Sciences.


SOCIEATH Center of Excellence in Research & Innovation in the Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities

Τhe Center of Excellence in Research & Innovation in Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities, is an interdisciplinary Research Center at the European University Cyprus. It promotes active collaboration between researchers, theorists, academics, practitioners and the public towards achieving interdisciplinary scientific excellence and promoting social change. Adopting an approach of Responsible Research, Sustainability, and Innovation, the Centre particularly aims at enabling the public’s participation in broadening the development of today’s knowledge-based society, through the public’s engagement with the Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities. The Centre has a current/running research funding of more than 1,000,000 Euros. Currently, a total of 2 MA students, 6 PhD students and 3 Post-doctoral researchers work as Research Associates in the 17 running research projects of the Center. The Center is directed by Professor Marios Vryonides, Dean of the School of Humanities, Social & Education Sciences.


Research Centers and Groups


Aristarchus Research Center (ARC) is a multi-disciplinary research and innovation center which aims primarily to address the challenges of analysis and interpretation of the large and complex data sets of the modern era. The center currently focuses on the application of advanced methods in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics for exploring data in Astrophysics and Neuroscience.  The interests of members of ARC also encompass technology-enhanced education. The center has a prestigious network of international collaborators and is directed by Prof. Andreas Efstathiou, Vice-Rector of Research & External Affairs.


Basic and Translational Cancer Research Center (BTCRC)

BTCRC is an interdisciplinary center, which aims at conducting high-quality research focusing on two main axes: a) Basic research on the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor development, progression and metastasis, and b) Translational research to facilitate the transfer of acquired new knowledge from the laboratory to the clinic and vice-versa (bench-to-bedside and back approach). Its long-term aspiration is to become a catalyst for novel discoveries in the areas of basic, translational and clinical cancer research. The Center maintains a strong network of local and international collaborators and is directed by Dr. Panos Papageorgis, Dean of the School of Sciences.


Center for Sustainable Management of Tourism, Sport & Events (CESMATSE)

CESMATSE is an inter-disciplinary research center serving the economy, the society and the environment. The Center is directed by Dr Nikolaos Boukas, an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing.


Contemporary Music (ConMus) Lab

The Laboratory’s mission concentrates on the advancement of the level of Music life on the island by sharing with the society – local and international – qualitative research findings in the form of concerts, artistic happenings, conferences, publications etc. This is achieved through the establishment of a network of practitioners, music theorists, musicologists, relevant artists, artistic and academic institutions that will encourage the promotion of innovative, interdisciplinary and practice-based research on Contemporary Music. The Lab is directed by Musicologist Dr Georgia Petroudi and Composer, Dr George Christofi both of the Department of Arts.



CYBER.EUC is a cutting-edge Cybersecurity Research Center based at the European University Cyprus. While being hosted in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Center prides itself in being a truly interdisciplinary and gender-inclusive organisation, staffed and supported by world experts in the area of cybersecurity. It promotes education and awareness of cyberthreats and offers training courses for both specialized and non-specialised audiences including the wider public, ranging from young students to seniors. CYBER.EUC is directed by Dr Yianna Danidou, Lecturer in Cybersecurity at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


iCommunicate Research Center (iCRC) is a research and innovation center consisting of researchers and clinicians/practitioners with research interests in the fields of communication disorders. The activity of iCRC concentrates on three complementary areas: prevention, assessment and intervention which mutually reinforce each other. These scientific areas are strengthened through research that is informed by and disseminated to educational activities and community engagement. The Center is directed by Dr Chryssoula Thodi, Associate Professor in the School of Sciences.


Instrumental Music Education and Research (IMER)

The IMER laboratory was established in 2020 and it aims to promote innovative and successful approaches in the teaching and performing of instrumental music in diverse contexts, styles and genres, supported by high-quality research in the field. The lab is directed by Dr. Yiannis Miralis, Associate Professor of Music Education and Saxophone and director of the Symphonic Band of Strovolos Municipality-European University Cyprus.


Interdisciplinary Research Center for Energy

The Center aims to carry out research related to legal aspects of the Energy sector as well as work on related areas such as the security of energy supply, the protection of energy consumers, the environmental effect of the energy production, the sustainability of energy development, the fair competition in the energy market and the renewable energy sources.  The Center is directed by Dr. Nicolaos Koulouris, Assistant Professor in the School of Law.


Medical Innovation Center (MEDIC)

The overall objective of MEDIC is to conduct basic and translational biomedical research on diseases prevalent in Cyprus and the surrounding regions (Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East). Specifically, the Center focuses on Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular Biology, Genetics and Genomics, Neurodegenerative diseases and Rehabilitation, Endocrinology, Obesity and Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Environmental Diseases, and Stress and stress-related diseases. MEDIC is directed by Prof. Anastasis Stephanou of the School of Medicine.


Performance Enterprise Accelerator & Knowledge Innovation Center (EUC-PEAK)

The EUC-PEAK Innovation Center aims to research, support and accelerate efforts of entrepreneurship, business innovation and knowledge transfer. The Innovation Center works with the local SMEs, industrial and manufacturing community, students, stakeholders and public authorities to encourage the adoption of an entrepreneurial mindset, practices and skills and to foster high-level research and development in this area, as well as the adoption of research in the business community. EUC-PEAK is directed by Dr. Simona Mihai-Yiannaki, an Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration.