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The importance of soft skills
Posted: July 1, 2019

It might be a term you’ve never heard of before, but it’s a package of skills you are surely familiar with and that your professors have stressed their importance repeatedly. Some say there are seven, some say there are more, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is to understand what they’re about which is, in short, developing the personal skills that will help you excel in any environment, working or academic.

What are soft skills?

Communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, leadership, being able to take responsibilities, determination, time management, and the competence to work under tension, everything that has to do with the manner you interact with your colleagues, your fellow students, and teammates in an interpersonal environment falls under this category. They’re a set of talents that show expertise, intelligence, artistry, originality, and trustworthiness. And the more you practice them, the better!

Calling them soft is underwhelming. And that’s because these are skills that are hard to master and they’re only obtained with experience, hence they require time. Improving them is also never-ending and they are massively important to the success of anything really. Can you imagine running a business, succeeding on a project without them? A Harvard study recently found that one’s success in a workplace is 85% attributed on soft skills and just 15% on technical skills. Soft skills are hardly gained and are invaluable.

Practicing your soft skills at EUC.

How are the above applied at a university campus? How about that research project, doesn’t that have a strict deadline? Or that student club you wanted to join, doesn’t it need a leader who everyone can look up to? Don’t you have to work together to assign and complete the chores of the dorm and let’s be honest, when was the last time that complaining about an exam really helped you more than setting a studying timetable and sticking to it?

There are endless examples of how your academic performance helps build and strengthen these skills and yes, you should find a way to put soft skills on your CV. It’s a reason to get that interview call you’ve been waiting for!