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Unveiling of the Statue of Hippocrates and Tree of Hippocrates Dedication Ceremony
Posted: November 24, 2021

The School of Medicine, European University Cyprus, is truly honored to be the recipient of a replica of the bust statue of Hippocrates and a cutting of the Hippocratic Platane Tree generously donated by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute and Pan-Cypriot Medical Association.  The unveiling of the Hippocratic Statue and dedication of Tree of Hippocrates will be by Dr. George Patoulis, President of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, Governor of the region of Attica, and President of the Athens Medical Association and Dr. Petros Agathaggelou, President of the Pan-Cypriot Medical Association.  The event will be attended by the President of International Hippocratic Association, Aristotelis Pavlides, Former Minister Greece, Mr. Michael Hadjipantela, Minister of Health, Cyprus, among other dignitaries.

This highly symbolic event will take place on Monday, November 29, 2021, at 10:00 am at the EUC Cultural Center.

The Bust of Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, is a replica of that found in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens Greece, dated 7th-4th century BC.  The statue was found near the Odeon on the Island of Kos.

The Tree of Hippocrates is the Platane tree under which, Hippocrates of Kos, the father of medicine, taught his pupils the art of medicine. It is believed that the platane tree was planted by Hippocrates 24 centuries ago, which across the passage of time now has a diameter of 4.7 meters wide at its base.  A cutting of the Tree of Hippocrates will be planted on the campus of EUC to accompany the commissioned replica of the statue of Hippocrates.

EUC School of Medicine, was the first international medical school to participate in the prestigious Hippocratic Oath ceremony that takes place at the Asklepion of Kos under the auspices of the International Hippocratic Association of Kos.   In this traditional ceremony, those students who graduated with honors recite the Hippocratic Oath at its birthplace.

EUC School of Medicine is dedicated to maintaining the values and traditions of Hippocratic Medicine.