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2019 White Coat Ceremony of European University Cyprus School of Medicine and Dentistry
Posted: October 3, 2019

The students of Medicine and Dentistry of European University Cyprus participated in the White Coat Ceremony marking their induction to their respective schools. During the symbolic inaugural event, the students received the white medical blouse and pledged commitment to their studies with integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. The proud freshmen come from Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Russia, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherland, as well as other countries, entrusting European University Cyprus for their medical education.

In a speech read by Dr. Adamos Adamou, Member of the House of Representatives, the President of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimitris Syllouris congratulated the “authorities and the academic staff of European University Cyprus for their commitment to continuously upgrade the quality of studies provided, as well as their contribution to research, innovation and excellence”. “Among other schools, whose operation has made the University one of the most important academic centers in Southeast Europe, the Medical School adorns not only your university, but Cyprus as well”, he said.

The Rector of European University Cyprus, Professor Kostas Gouliamos, outlined the concept of discipline in the medical practice. Addressing the students, he urged them to be “sharp, strong-willed, independent-minded, with a work ethic and dedication to gain a place in this world”.

The President of the Pancyprian Medical Association Petros Agathangelou noted that “the European University Cyprus Medical School has made significant achievements. Drawing on the immense experience of the Galileo International Education Network of Universities, it pioneers and expands the range of studies we currently offer in Cyprus”.

The Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor Elizabeth Johnson, urged students to leave their mark, but “remember that you have the privilege of becoming an important part in your patients’ lives. Learn to appreciate that privilege…Learn to lead by example. Defend truth, logic and science…You must improve the lives of others”.