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General Admission Requirements

The criteria for admission to European University Cyprus have been set to enable the Office of Admissions to select students who have the ability to do university-level work and to place students in courses and programs appropriate to their academic strengths, in an effort to help them successfully realize their full academic potential.

Our students come from many parts of the world and bring with them a wide range of academic skills, experiences, special interests, talents and cultural backgrounds. The Office of Admissions aims to form a student body which will give the opportunity to each student to share education and grow in experience as a member of an international community.

All applicants must have completed a secondary (high) school education or twelve years of schooling or the equivalent, to be considered for admission to undergraduate study, or hold a bachelor’s degree for post-graduate study.

Candidates who have successfully completed part of their studies at an accredited university may be exempted from respective courses in the program they attend at European University Cyprus, thus reducing the period of study to obtain their degrees. For the evaluation of transferred courses, candidates must submit a copy of their transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

Student Housing

Our student accommodation units are located only minutes from campus and are designed to offer students high quality living spaces in elegant studios and one-bedroom flats supported by great social spaces, in-house gym, laundry rooms and 24–hour security service.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our Scholarship and Financial Aid program aims to provide prospective and enrolled students with information and resources to financially support your  educational goals. This takes the form of academic scholarships, athletics scholarships and family/need-based financial aid.

Student Advising Center

We are fully committed to assisting students to achieve their educational goals through individualised guidance and continued support. The Student Advising Center is a team of dedicated professionals who help students from their first semester to plan their academic path and to learn to use the resources of the university. At EUC, we view academic advising as a partnership, where students and advisors discuss academic interests, set goals and monitor progress.

All advisors have full knowledge of program requirements, curriculum, academic policies and professional/career opportunities. Students meet one-on-one with their advisor on a regular basis to discuss course and schedule options each semester. Most importantly, advisors provide feedback to students on their academic progress and overall performance. Students can arrange to meet with their advisor at any time, but have a mandatory meeting once a semester to discuss course options. The Student Advising Center is located on the ground floor of the West Block building next to the cafeteria.


The general admission requirement for all undergraduate programs is the successful completion of the secondary education cycle. All applicants will need to submit the following documents to the Office of Admissions…..

Medicine – Dentistry – Veterinary

Applicants may apply online. The application form may also be obtained in person from the Office of Admissions. The completed application form together with a non-refundable application fee of €200 must be sent to the Office of Admissions…


The general admission requirement for graduate programs is the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution, or its equivalent (professional qualifications). International students will need to submit the following documents to the Office of Admissions…


Every year, European University Cyprus announces a limited number of positions for various doctoral programs. International students will need to submit the following documents to the Office of Admissions, in electronic form to [email protected], in order to be considered for…