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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of European University Cyprus (EUC) serves as the terms of reference and outlines our effort to ensure that our activities are carried out ethically, sustainably and for the benefit of all communities.  The EUC CSR values aim to inspire, involve, develop and cover all aspects of internal and external operations. The University proactively promotes and encourages processes and techniques that foster:

  • the maintenance of principled standards, respect and accountability across all of its activities,
  • a commitment to equality and diversity,
  • the treatment of employees with fairness and respect, including wide support to personnel development activities,
  • the development of practices, activities and support systems that are environmentally sustainable,
  • the establishment of partnerships based on the principles of fair trade,
  • the promotion of community service through volunteerism,
  • effective and positive interaction with its local area and wider community.


At  EUC, we take into account all aspects (technical developments, changing scientific evidence, costs and customer concerns and expectations), in the development and implementation of all initiatives by incorporating social and environmental concerns. Moreover, EUC develops and implements social and environmental policies that support the University’s everyday activities and responsibilities by displaying a consistently transparent operation throughout.  The CSR policy provides the foundation of every initiative set out in the overall EUC strategic plans.