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Future Skills Hub

Building a bridge between organizations and talent, the Future Skills Hub at EUC closes the skills gap in a rapidly changing workplace

A number of powerful drivers have brought fundamental changes to the job-market. Drawing on its rich pool of talent from faculty, researchers and forward-thinkers, EUC seeks to prepare you for the future of work through the Future Skills Hub. Employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow will need more than technological skills. Cognitive flexibility, digital literacy and emotional intelligence among the many cross-disciplinary skills that will prepare you for the rapidly changing workplace and ensure continued participation in society.

The Future Skills Hub at EUC will provide a training structure which is uniquely positioned to:

  • Upskill and reskill professionals in emerging contexts
  • Match one’s professional skillset to organizational needs
  • Keep pace with the fast-changing influencing factors of the future
  • Empower the citizen of tomorrow by learning and doing

The vision of the Future Skills Hub at EUC is to be the most innovative and powerful source of professional education and lifelong learning for the generation of the future. The Future Skills Hub will build a bridge between market needs and higher education by anticipating future needs and bringing these into the present. Click here to view the initial program offerings.