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Research activity at European University Cyprus covers both basic and applied research, as well as activities in the Arts. The university places strong emphasis on linking teaching with research and carrying out public outreach activities aimed at increasing young people’s and the wider public’s interest in scientific endeavors.

The research activity of the university, as measured by its success in securing external research funding and authoring quality journal publications, has increased significantly in the last decade.  EUC has an extensive portfolio of research and innovation projects, funded by the European Commission (e.g., Horizon Europe, Horizon2020, Erasmus+, Directorates-General), the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation, the Max Planck Institute, the European Space Agency, and other governmental bodies and private organizations. Research activity is primarily carried out by a number of research centers, laboratories, and other specialized units  such as clinics and innovation centers.

Researchers and members of the university’s academic staff collaborate with scientists from the best universities and research centers in the world including Harvard, Oxford, Imperial College London, King’s College London, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Max Planck Institutes in Germany and all of the top Greek universities. Significant contributions have been made to many fields of research, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Education Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Business, Health Sciences, Medicine and Law.

Research Projects

 Research projects currently being undertaken (in alphabetical order) at European University Cyprus show the breadth and depth of our partnerships locally  and…

Research Office

The EUC Research Office is directed by the Head of Research Office, who reports to the Vice-Rector of Research and External Affairs….

Research Centers

The Center for Risk and Decision Sciences (CERIDES) is the first multi-disciplinary, cross-school Center of Excellence at European University Cyprus. The Center implements horizontal research…

The HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

In September 2017, European University Cyprus was awarded the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo. The ‘HR Excellence in Research’ identifies the institutions and organizations…