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Admissions - Overview

The Office of Admissions aims to form a student body which will give the opportunity to each student to share in learning and grow in experience as a member of an international community. 

How to apply

The criteria for admission to European University Cyprus have been set to enable the Office of Admissions to select students who have the ability to do university-level work and to place students in courses and programs appropriate to their academic strengths, in an effort to help them successfully …

Finance & Aid

EUC recognizes that each student’s financial situation is unique and for this reason, we have developed policies and procedures to treat each student fairly and equally. Financial aid provide support based on students’ personal circumstances where as our scholarships are usually awarded on merit.

Online Application

Use the online application to submit your complete academic record. Feel free to contact the Office of Admissions for help in filling out the application or for any other clarifications you might need.


Your future begins here

Why Study in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea both in population (1.1 million) and in area (9,250 sq. km).  A former British colony the Republic of Cyprus gained its independence in 1960 and joined the European Union in 2004…

Ariadne Psychometric Tool

ARIADNE is a modern and reliable career-guidance instrument designed to assist high school students in identifying  their educational and career options. It helps students uncover their academic  and work interests and …

EUC Publications Online

For information on programs, housing or tuition fees, please download our online admissions publications