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EUC in China

An internationally focused university with strategic partnerships, research projects and accredited programs in China

In an increasingly interdependent world, European University Cyprus has made internationalization a strategic goal.  The University cultivates partnerships around the globe to encourage collaboration in research, learning and knowledge exchange.

With an appreciation of China’s sociocultural, economic and academic connectedness in the world, EUC has taken major steps in deepening its cooperation with Chinese universities and higher education institutions.  The only university in Cyprus—and among the few in Europe—EUC signed the Universities Alliance of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2016.  This was followed by a number of cooperation agreements with universities, academies and research centers with respect to China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Chinese Ministry of Education’s action to create meaningful connections with higher education institutions around the globe.


Notable Chinese Collaborations (MoUs)

As a result of systematic efforts to establish strategic partnerships with Chinese higher education institutions, a number of notable Memorandums of Understanding have been signed including:

  1. Alliance of Universities along the Belt Road – 2016
  2. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – 2019
  3. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – Centre of China Studies
  4. Minjiang University – 2019
  5. Beijing International Education Institute – 2017
  6. Beijing Union University – 2019
  7. XI’AN University of Finance and Economics – 2023
  8. Bohai University – 2022
  9. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business – 2019
  10. College of Arts, Northeastern University – 2023
  11. Gandong College – 2022
  12. Gansu Normal University for Nationalities – 2017
  13. Guangxi University of Foreign Languages – 2018
  14. Guilin University of Technology – 2021
  15. Harbin University of Science and Technology – 2012
  16. Henan University of Animal Husbandry& Economy – 2019
  17. Hubei Business College – 2020
  18. Jilin International Studies University – 2019
  19. Lanzhou City University – 2012
  20. Longdong University – 2019
  21. Longyan University – 2019
  22. Nanyang Normal University – 2019
  23. Yichun University – 2023
  24. Wuhan Business University of Technology – 2019
  25. Xi’an Shiyou University – 2020
  26. Yichun University – 2023
Cooperation with IDEC/ Minjiang University

Within the framework of Belt and Road Education and the Digital Silk Road, European University Cyprus offers the following fully-accredited degree programs at the International Digital Economy College (IDEC) of Minjiang University in Fujian, China:


These degree programs are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA), and EUC is responsible for the quality and academic content of the degrees.  EUC faculty teach a major part of the curriculum of these programs at IDEC/Minjiang University. While registered students complete their studies at IDEC/Minjiang University, they receive a degree from European University Cyprus.


The offering of the four EUC degree programs at IDEC/Minjiang University is in line with the agreement of the two universities to introduce high-quality educational programs, to promote academic and cultural exchanges between China and Cyprus, and to cultivate professionals in Computer Science and Technology, E-commerce, and Visual Communication Design required for the current social and economic development in China.


Minjiang University is a public university located in Fujian, China. The university is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary university accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Joint EUC-CASS Center of China Studies

European University Cyprus and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) have inaugurated the first Chinese Studies center in Cyprus—the fifth such center in Europe and the fifteenth globally. The Center of China Studies at EUC was inaugurated by the President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Gao Xiang.

CASS is a leading academic research institute in the People’s Republic of China and partners with top academic institutions worldwide.

The CASS-EUC Center of Chinese Studies focuses on the promotion of activities relevant to the development of knowledge about China through exhibitions, conferences, seminars, thematic courses, joint research projects and the publication of academic papers. In addition, the Center creates and maintains mutually beneficial academic, research and service partnerships that foster strong research communities and engaged scholars by promoting the connectedness between China and Cyprus in the areas of Law, the Humanities and the Social Sciences. In view of this, the Center serves as a model for scholarly engagement worldwide.

Strengthening links between the University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the collaboration between the two institutions is further developed within the context of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS), which is under the direct leadership of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

The CASS-EUC Center of Chinese Studies is chaired by Professor Kostas Gouliamos and sub-chaired by Associate Professor Pieris Chourides, and two respective members of the Chinese Academy.

EUC Partner in China

Beijing Yinggeli Educational Technology (YGL) is EUC’s partner in China. YGL aims at introducing and integrating high-quality education resources and facilitating educational and cultural exchange between Chinese universities and European University Cyprus via education cooperation programs.

YGL provides a platform and bridge for the EUC communication and cooperation with Chinese universities in Southern China (Fuzhou), North Western China (Xi’an), Central China (Wuhan) and North Eastern China.