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Academics - Overview

Rising in international rankings, EUC is committed to excellence in research, innovation in program design and continuous professional development of our faculty using the most up-to-date teaching methodologies and technologies.  


Our five schools are organized into eleven departments offering internationally recognized Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees.

Distance Learning

Drawing on current online e-learning technologies and effective teaching and moderator methodologies, the Distance Education Unit offers a range of degree programs to students from around the world that satisfy demands not met by the traditional face-to-face education model…


The EUC faculty is a diverse team of professors, researchers and mentors who are committed to the highest quality of teaching and to transformative research in their fields.


Our faculty and researchers collaborate with scientists from some of the best universities and research centers in the world.


Your future begins here


Erasmus+ program participants benefit from the opportunity to develop soft skills, cultural literacy and new perspectives and to enlarge their career competencies and prospects.  


As the intellectual center of the campus, the EUC Library offers students physical spaces for quiet study, group project meetings, research and learning.  It also provides 24/7 access to digital spaces where the EUC community can find information in an electronic …

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of a Fall and a Spring Semester, each 16 weeks long, inclusive of registration, holidays, and final examinations. The Fall Semester begins in the last week of September, and the Spring Semester begins in the first week of February. An eight-week Summer Session is also offered, beginning in June and ending in July.

Registration & Class schedule

Review our class schedule and find the courses offered in the current semester. You can download a copy of the class schedule here.

Academic Regulations

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the academic regulations, such as registration, grading, conferment of degrees and probation, as they pertain to your studies.