Research Centers

Astrophysics and High Performance Computing Group

The AHPC group was established in 2012 and carries out pioneering work in Astrophysics and Parallel and Distributed Computing. The group has a prestigious network of international collaborators and is directed by Prof. Andreas Efstathiou, Vice Rector for Research and External Affairs. (AHPC

Center for Games Studies

The Center for Game Studies carries out research on various aspects of games, from their impact on society to the creation of game design and evaluation principles and guidelines. The center is directed by Dr George Christou, an Assistant Professor and chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. (

Center for Risk, Safety and the Environment

The Centre for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE) was established in 2011. CERISE’s mission is to promote to the wider public and the local SME (industrial and business) communities the values and necessities of safety. CERISE is directed by Dr George Boustras, Dean of the School of Business. (CERISE

Center for Sustainable Management of Tourism, Sport & Events

CESMATSE is an inter-disciplinary research center serving the economy, the society and the environment. The Center is directed by Dr Nikolaos Boukas an Assistant Professor of the School of Business. (CESMATSE

Center for the Study of Childhood and Adolescence

The Center for the Study of Childhood and Adolescence facilitates, coordinates and conducts pioneering research on children and adolescents. The center is one of the most established of the University and is directed by Prof. Spyros Spyrou of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. (

Decision Support and Systems Optimization Laboratory

DSSO conducts high quality interdisciplinary research in the domains of decision support and systems optimization, with a particular focus on generating innovative solutions for Cypriot and international businesses and societal organizations. DSSO is directed by Dr Christos Dimopoulos, an Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Sciences. (DSSO

Mobile Computing Center

MECI aims to conduct high quality basic and applied research, develop and promote novel technologies, promote entrepreneurship and mobile computing related education in Cyprus. Furthermore, MECI aims to become the bridge that brings together researchers from the public and private sector in Cyprus and internationally and the local industry, public organizations or local associations. MECI is directed by Dr Georgios Stylianou, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. (MECI

Research Laboratory in ICT-Enhanced Education

ICTEE is committed to promoting the best in educational technology through the conduct of high quality research that can stimulate effective innovations and improved learning outcomes. ICTEE is directed by Prof. Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris of the School of Arts and Education Sciences. (ICTEE

The Inquiry in Science and Math Education Research Group

The Inquiry in Science and Math Education Research Group was established in 2010 as a research unit at the Department of Education Sciences. Its goal is to work with stakeholders of education in Cyprus - public and private education, teacher communities and educational institutions and services - to contribute towards the building of the necessary foundations to encourage innovative approaches in research, teaching and learning in STEM Education. The Research Group’s work in research in learning and instruction follows three major focal areas, particularly important for the education in Cyprus: (a) the need for inter-disciplinary approaches; (b) the need to inform theoretical approaches from everyday practice and vice-versa; and (c) the need for approaches that cover and unify the complete spectrum of the educational system. The Research Group has participated in a number of nationally funded and European projects (PLEGMA, S-TEAM, STINGHeadsUP, STEMitUP, and CSRC). The Group is directed by Dr Loucas Louca, Associate Professor of Science Education and it consists of European University-Cyprus faculty and PhD researchers.