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Christina Hadjichristou
Lecturer, Prosthodontics (Fixed and Removable)
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title (Optional Entry)
PhD in Prosthodontics 2021 Aristotle University Thessaloniki (A.U.Th) Dentistry Development of a three-dimensional tissue engineering-based dental tissue analogue, as a novel biocompatibility evaluation tool of dental resinous cements
MSc (Master of Science in Prosthodontics) 2016 Aristotle University Thessaloniki (A.U.Th) Dentistry A study of the ability of bio-ceramic Scaffold/Dental pulp stems cell complexes towards dentin regeneration in experimental human treated dentin matrices
DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) 2012 Aristotle University Thessaloniki (A.U.Th) Dentistry -
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
Jan 2017 June 2017 CED-IADR Aix-Marseille University, Marseille-France Researcher
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
2021 Chapter 9: “3D printing in dentistry with emphasis on prosthetic rehabilitation and regenerative approaches” Maria Bousnaki, Petros Koidis, Athina Bakopoulou 3D printing: Applications in Medicine and Surgery, Elsevier Book: Vol 2 195-219
2021 Biocompatibility assessment of resin-based cements on vascularized dentin/pulp tissue-engineered analogues Papachristou Eleni, Vereroudakis Emmanouil, Chatzinikolaidou Maria, About Imad, Koidis Petros, Bakopoulou Athina Dental Matererials Mar 7 S0109-5641(21)00081-6
2020 Advanced in Vitro Experimental Models for Tissue Engineering-based Reconstruction of a 3D Dentin/pulp Complex: A Literature Review Imad About, Petros Koidis, Athina Bakopoulou Stem Cell Reviews and Reports 17(3) 785-802
2019 Three-dimensional tissue engineering-based Dentin/Pulp tissue analogue as advanced biocompatibility evaluation tool of dental restorative materials Papachristou E, Bonovolias I, Bakopoulou A Dental Materials 36(2) 229-248
2019 Human pulp fibroblast implication in phagocytosis via complement activation Le Fournis Chloe, Jeanneau Charlotte, About Imad Journal of Endodontics 45(5) 584-590
2017 Oculo-dento-digital dysplasia (ODDD) due to a GJA1 mutation. Report of a case with emphasis on dental manifestations. Violeta Anastasiades, Athina Bakopoulou, George Tanteles, M.A. Loizidou, K. Kyriacou, A. Hadjisavvas, K. Michalakis, A. Pissiotis, P. Koidis International Journal of Prosthodontics 30(3) 280-285
2017 Odontogenic differentiation and biomineralization potential of dental pulp stem cells inside Mg-based bioceramic scaffolds under low-level laser treatment Theocharidou A, Bakopoulou A, Kontonasaki E, Papachristou E, Bousnaki M, Theodorou G, Papadopoulou L, Kantiranis N, Paraskevopoulos K, Koidis P. Lasers in Medical Science 32(1) 201-210
2016 Human treated dentin matrices combined with Zn-doped, Mg-based bioceramic scaffolds and human dental pulp stem cells towards targeted dentin regeneration. A.Bakopoulou, E.Papachristou, M.Bousnaki, E.Kontonasaki, A.Theocharidou, L.Papadopoulou, N.Kantiranis, G.Zachariadis, G.Leyhausen, W.Geurtsen, P.Koidis Dental Materials 32(8) 159-175
2016 Sol-gel derived Mg-based ceramic scaffolds doped with zinc or copper ions: preliminary results on their synthesis, characterization and biocompatibility, G.S. Theodorou, E. Kontonasaki, A. Theoharidou, A. Bakopoulou, M. Bousnaki, E. Papachristou, L. Papadopoulou, N. Kantiranis, K. Chrissafis, K.M.Paraskevopoulos, P. Koidis. International Journal of Biomaterials 2016 3858301
2015 Effective Cell Growth Potential of Mg-Based Bioceramic Scaffolds towards Targeted Dentin Regeneration, E. Kontonasaki, A. Bakopoulou, A. Theocharidou, G.S. Theodorou, L. Papadopoulou, N. Kantiranis, M.Bousnaki, E. Papachristou, K.M. Paraskevopoulos, P. Koidis. Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine 19 75-85
Date Topic International / Local Location* Role in Exhibition
2020 Biocompatibility Assessment of Resin-based Cements on Vascularized Dentin/ Pulp Tissue-Engineered Analogues International Washington D.C, USA. Oral presentation
2019 Three-Dimensional Vascularized Dental Pulp Analogues as Cytotoxicity Assessment Tools. International Vancouver, Canada Oral presentation-presenter
2017 Complement receptor-1 detection in the dental pulp fibroblasts and its implication in phagocytosis. International Vienna, Austria Oral presentation-presenter
2017 Human pulp fibroblast involvement in bacteria opsonization via complement C3b secretion. International Vienna, Austria Oral presentation
2017 Implication des fibroblasts pulpaires dans la phagocytose de batteries cariogenes via la synthese et l’ activation du Complement International Marseille, France Oral Presentation-Presenter
2016 Teeth in occlusion and their impact in well-being International Larissa, Greece Oral presentation, Presenter
2016 How well do we know our elderly patients after all? International Larissa, Greece Oral presentation, co-author
2015 Dentin Regeneration Using Bioceramic Scaffolds, Stem Cells and Laser Irradiation International Antalya, Turkey Oral presentation, co-author
2015 Dentin Regeneration using Bioceramic scaffolds/dental stem cells/growth factor constructs International Antalya, Turkey Oral presentation, presenter
2014 Dental tissue regeneration from human dental pulp stem cells Local Nicosia, Cyprus Oral presentation, presenter
Research Projects
Date Title Funded by Project Role*
2018-2020 “Development of a three-dimensional tissue engineering-based dental tissue analogue, as a novel biocompatibility evaluation tool of dental resinous cements” HFRI (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, Fellowship Number: 99344) Main Researcher
2017-2018 "Ανάπτυξη τρισδιάστατων ιστοτεχνολογικών συμπλεγμάτων προσομοίωσης οδοντίνης/πολφού ως προηγμένων συστημάτων ελέγχου της κυτταροτοξικότητας οδοντιατρικών αποκαταστατικών βιοϋλικών (DentCytoTool)” ESF (European Social Fund) through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014–2020” (MIS Nr. 5004448, ELKE 95333) Main Researcher
2017 «Αναπυξη τρισδιάστατου ιστοτεχνολογικού αναλόγου προσοµοίωσης οδοντικών ιστών ως καινοτόµου συστήµατος ελέγχου βιοσυµβατότητας οδοντικών ρητινοδών κονιών συγκόλλησης ONEK (Cyprus Youth Organization) Main Researcher
2014-2016 «Αναγέννηση οδοντικών ιστών με τη χρήση καινοτόμων βιομιμητικών ικριωμάτων σε συνδυασμό με μεσεγχυματικά κύτταρα οδοντικής προέλευσης και χαμηλής έντασης ακτινοβολία λέιζερ” ESF (European Social Fund) under the project “ARISTEIA II Nr. 5105” Researcher
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
Period Organization Title of Position or Service Key Activities
2013-2016 AUTh MSc student/Clinical instructor Full time clinical attendance for patients with needs of fixed or removable prosthodontics with high-technical difficulty
2017-2020 AUTh PhD candidate/Clinical instructor Full time clinical attendance for patients with needs of fixed or removable prosthodontics with high-technical difficulty
2013 CED-IADR member Oral presenter/Poster presenter or attendee at IADR Conferences
2013 Hellenic Dental Association member -
2016 Cyprus Dental Association member -
Awards/International Recognition
Date Title Awarded by:
20-23 September 2017 Senior Robert Frank Award, Basic Science (2nd place). “Complement Receptor-1 detection in the dental pulp Fibroblasts and its implication in phagocytosis”. CED-IADR/NOF, 20-23 September 2017, Vienna, Austria.
24 May 2017 1st Poster Prize (1er Prix de la communication affichee): “Pulp expression of Complement Receptor-1 (CR1)”. 8th Journée Recherche en Odontologie, 24 May 2017, Marseille, France.
20-22 September 2016 Visiting Scholarship Grant Award 2016, CED-IADR (Continental European Division of the International association of Dental Research) “Complement activation in the course of tissue regeneration” 6-month duration scholarship in Université d'Aix-Marseille Faculté d'Odontologie, Marseille, France. PER-IADR meeting in Jerusalem, Israel, September 20-22 2016.
2016 Certified European Prosthodontist EPA (European Prosthodontic Association)
15-17 October 2015 Stippend award: Dentin Regeneration Using Bioceramic Scaffolds, Stem Cells and Laser Irradiation (Oral presentation). 47th CED-IADR Divisional Session, October 15-17, 2015, Antalya, Turkey.
30-31 March- April 1st 2012 Poster award: “Clinical survival of endodontically treated teeth with non-metallic-aesthetic posts. Annual conference of stomatological association of northern Greece, 30-31 March- April 1st 2012, Centre of distribution of scientific results AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece
Other Achievements
Date Title Key Activities:
October 2018 The Goettingen Spirit Summer School - Goettingen, Germany Special training in Biological Research in Dentistry for PhD students
May 2017 CED-IADR Summer School-Marseille France As a monitor-instructor in dental Tissue regeneration investigation methods