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Klea Panayidou
Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department Thesis title (Optional Entry)
D.Phil. 2011 University of Oxford, UK Statistics Tree Learning for Variable Selection
M.Sc. 2004 University of Oxford, UK Statistics Meta-analysis of Clinical Trials for antidepressant drugs
B.Sc 2003 University of Warwick, UK Mathematics and Statistics  
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
2016 2018 Carnegie Mellon University USA Postdoctoral Fellow
2015 2016 University of Pittsburgh USA Postdoctoral Fellow
2014 2015 University of Bern Switzerland Postdoctoral Fellow
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference Vol. Pages
2019 Prospective validation of a clinically applicable molecular prognostication panel for clival chordoma Zenonos G et al. Journal of Neurosurgery 130 1409-1788
2018 Global trends in CD4 count at start of antiretroviral treatment: collaborative study of treatment programs. Anderegg, N. et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases 66(6) 893-903
2018 Global temporal changes in the proportion of children with advanced disease at the start of combination antiretroviral therapy in the era of changing criteria for treatment initiation Panyidou K et al. Journal of International AIDS Society 21(11) e25200
2016 GetReal in mathematical modelling: a review of studies predicting drug effectiveness in the real world Panayidou, K et al. Research Synthesis Methods 3(3) 264-277
2016 GetReal in network meta-analysis: a review of the methodology Efthimiou  O et al. Research Synthesis Methods 7(3) 236-263  
2015 Individual Patient meta-analysis: a review of the methodology. Research Synthesis Methods Debray TPA Research Synthesis Methods 6(4)   293-309
2012 Phenotype-Genotype correlation in X linked Alport Sydrome Patients carrying missense mutations in the collagenous domain of COL 4A5 Tsiakkis et al. Clinical Genetics 83(3) 297-299
Research Projects
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
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