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Konstantina Voniati
Adjunct Associate Professor, Immunology
Academic Qualifications
Qualification Year Awarding Institution Department
Ph.D Specialisation “Immunology” 1991-1992 University of Ioannina,   School of Medicine, Ioannina, GREECE
 M.Sc. Specialisation “Immunology 1980-1981 University of Calgary” Health Sciences Centre, Calgary,CANADA  
B.Sc. Biochemistry (Honours) 1973-1977 University of London.   King’s College, London, U.K
MBA 2002-2004 Cyprus International Institute of Management   (C.I.I.M.), Nicosia
Employment History
Period of employment Employer Location Position
From To
  present  Population screening Laboratory, Archbishop Makarios III Hospital, Nicosia, CYPRUS. Senior Thalassaemia Officer
2013 2014 Development of a Manual for Blood Safety based on the European Union directive     Coordinator
2014 2015 Accreditation of public Clinical Laboratories, Ministry of Health   Coordinator
Year Title Other authors Journal and Publisher / Conference
2004 Functional aspects of phagocytosis in thalassaemia patients International Haemoglobinopaties Papaioannou-Voniatis D, Christou S., Agathangelou E., Ioannou Ch., Yiallouros P., Papaioannou N. and Voniatis M.  
2006 Cytokine genotyping of Cyprus Thalassaemia patients International Haemoglobinopathies   Papaioannou D,Christou,Pangalou E. and Voniatis M.  
2004-2006. Stem cell research on pregnancy Funded by the Cyprus Research Foundation   Papaioannou-Voniatis D,Agathangelou E.and Malas S.  
(2013). 16th IHIW: Analysis of HLA Population Data, with updated results for 1996 to 2012 workshop data (AHPD project report). Internat. Journal of Immunogenetics   Riccio ME, Buhler S, Nunes JM, Vangenot C, Cuénod M, Currat M, Di D, Andreani M, Boldyreva M, Chambers G, Chernova M, Chiaroni J, Darke C, Di Cristofaro J, Dubois V, Dunn P, Edinur HA, Elamin N, Eliaou J-F, Grubic Z, Jaatinen T, Kanga U, Kervaire B, Kolesar L, Kunachiwa W, Lokki ML, Mehra N, Nicoloso G, Paakkanen R, Papaioannou Voniatis C, Papasteriades C, Poli F, Richard L, Romón Alonso I, Slavčev A, Sulcebe G, Suslova T, Testi M, Tiercy JM, Varnavidou A, Vidan-Jeras B, Wennerström A and Sanchez-Mazas A 40(1):21-30.
(2012).  Strategies to work with HLA data in human populations for histocompatibility, clinical transplantation, epidemiology and population genetics: HLA-NET methodological recommendations. Int. J. Immunogenetics   Sanchez-Mazas A, Vidan-Jeras B, Nunes JM, Fischer G, Little A-M, Bekmane U, Buhler S, Buus S, Claas F, Dormoy A, Dubois V, Eglite E, Eliaou J-F, Gonzalez-Galarza F, Grubic Z, Ivanova M, Lie B, Ligeiro D, Lokki M-L, Martins da Silva B, Martorell J, Mendonça D, Middleton D, Papaioannou Voniatis D, Papasteriades C, Poli F, Riccio ME, Spyropoulou Vlachou M, Sulcebe G, Tonks S, Toungouz Nevessignsky M, Vangenot C, van Walraven A-M & Tiercy J-M 39(6) 459–476.
April 2014 1. Ministry of Health, Nicosia (Cyprus) 2. WHO Collaborating Centre for TB and lung diseases, Fondazione S. Maugeri, Care and Research Institute, Tradate (Italy) 3. Cyprus Foundation of Immunology & Allergology, Nicosia (Cyprus) 4. Tuberculosis Reference Centre, Pulmonology Clinic, Nicosia General Hospital,Nicosia (Cyprus). 5. Global TB Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva (Switzerland) *Equally contributed TB elimination, dream or reality? The case of Cyprus, E.R.J.   Constantia Voniatis*1, GiovanniBattistaMigliori*2, Michael Voniatis3, Andreas Georgiou4, Lia D’Ambrosio2, Rosella Centis2,Mario C Raviglione 5,    
Research Projects
Academic Consulting Services/Councils/Boards/Editorial Committees
Period Organization Title of Position or Service Key Activities
1991 Ministry of Health, Nicosia, CYPRUS.   Member of the National AIDS Subcommittee for Blood Bank and Laboratories,  
1992-1993 Council of Europe, Strasbourg, FRANCE. Member of Experts Committee on Histocompatibility,    
24.1.2011 Cyprus Ministry of Health Nicosia,   Thalassaemia Officer class A, In charge of the Hospital and Private sector clinical Laboratories for accreditation /registration and monitoring and evaluation of their activities and performance
Awards/International Recognition
Other Achievements