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At EUC, you will blend classroom instruction, skills-building lab work and patient-centered clinical practice to develop the competencies needed in Dentistry today

Bachelor Degrees

Master Degrees



The School of Dentistry offers a five-year  Dental Surgery DBS degree and postgraduate degrees for further specialization.  Graduates are equipped to directly impact people’s health and the oral health of communities as dental surgeons.

  • Technology-driven dental simulation and laboratory facilities
  • Engaged faculty with wide research networks and established clinical practices
  • Clinical training through on-campus dental clinic
  • Full adherence to EU and international dental education standards

Dentistry is a rewarding field with multiple career options, a high degree of autonomy and job satisfaction as dentists contribute positively to the health of individuals and communities.  It is a field of challenges and innovation and allows one to interact with a variety of people and remain at the forefront of research and discovery.   Dentists are professionals whose knowledge and skills are in demand for immediate employment or specialization, academia and/or research. Few careers offer such challenge, reward and recognition.