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Services for Career Guidance Professional Counsellors

The Service organizes annually the Cyprus-Greece Career Counseling Conference, which is a systematic forum for information and communication of good practices in the field of Career Counseling. The Conference is organized every year in cooperation with the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Counselling and Career Counseling and Educational Services of the Ministry of Education, the Association of Career Guidance Counselors.

The Service ensures feedback to Career Guidance Counsellors, through dynamic activities, such as specialized seminars and lectures. In this way, professional consultants may receive adequate and effective information through innovative actions and updated material related to professions and vocational guidance.
Indicatively, some of the seminar topics are:
1. Training in the Ariadne Psychometric tool (technical details, training in use, etc.).
2. Modern skills (self-efficacy in career planning, resilience, etc.) and how counsellors can help shape these skills in students.
3. The future of the labour market and the impact of technology on our lives and work.
4. The effects of COVID-19 on occupations and skills.

The Ariadne Career Guide lists and analyzes nine major business sectors that are expected to offer future career opportunities. Emphasis is placed both on the diverse characteristics of the labour market of the future and on how employees could develop the necessary skills to meet the demands of the modern labor market.

The Service organizes training seminars addressed to Secondary Education Teachers and Guidance Counsellors.