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Services for Students and Parents

Τhe Educational and Vocational Information Service ‘ARIADNE’ enables pupils and students to:

  • Explore different professions in order to identify which ones fit their personality.
  • Complete the Career Interest Questionnaire “ARIADNE”, which significantly contributes to the identification of their professional interests and the selection of the appropriate field of study.
  • Receive adequate and effective information through innovative actions, conferences and updated material related to professions and vocational guidance.
  • Utilize the digital tools provided by e-counseling services on an ongoing basis for students and parents in Cyprus and Greece.
  • Attend specialized seminars that will help them and their parents in the decision-making process concerning their studies and careers.

Indicatively, some of the seminar topics are:

  1. “Professional choices and the decisive role that psychometric tools play in these, with a focus on ARIADNE”
  2. Modern skills (self-efficacy in career planning, resilience, adaptability, hope, courage) and how parents can contribute to the development of these skills in their children
  3. The future of the labour market and the impact of technology on life and work
  4. Self-knowledge, self-esteem and professional decision making: Planning a successful career
  5. Students’ decisions about the studies and the profession they will pursue – The role of the family
  6. Development of career Interests during adolescence
  7. The effects of COVID-19 on occupations and skills