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CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology at EUC leading a “Twinning” project focusing on Fires in SE Mediterranean

Posted: September 21, 2022

CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology at EUC will be working closely with Hazelab at Imperial College London, the Pyreography Group at Wageningen University, Securite Civile of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of France, Pau Costa Foundation in Spain and Nimes Metropole in France to establish a regional centre for the advancement of disaster prevention and management with a focus on fires.  CERIDES was granted a Twinning project recently, under the Horizon Europe: Widening participation and spreading excellence call.

Twinning promotes research excellence through networking and training activities. It develops excellence in chosen research and innovation domain, increase visibility of the research institutions and universities, and upskill its staff.

This is the first such project for European University Cyprus and it is anticipated to strategically enhance CERIDES research capacity.  Twinning’s are designed to provide opportunities for the receiving organisation (CERIDES – EUC) to further develop their research capacities both in innovation and administration levels.  Through this 3 year project, CERIDES will be given the opportunity to develop excellent research capacities in critical sectors of disaster prevention and management (eg fire and evacuation modelling, community awareness schemes etc) as well as receive information and best practises in a research administration level.

This project comes as a natural continuation of previous projects in the last few years that fit with the strategic goals of CERIDES.  At the moment CERIDES takes part in a number of Horizon 2020 projects and acts as Coordinator in 3 of them under the security of citizens pillar.  RESPOND-A focuses on the development of novel technologies for first responders, FirEUrisk is a 4-year project focusing on the development of a pan-European forest fire risk assessment framework.  Fire related projects that CERIDES takes part in (funded by Horizon Europe, Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation) will be also starting in the next few months.

CERIDES plays an active role in the disaster prevention and management ecosystem in SE Med with a number of actions funded by DG ECHO. At the moment CERIDES has active disaster prevention and management projects in the Caucasus, Western Balkans and the Middle East.

More information about European University Cyprus can be found here.

More information about CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology at EUC, can be found here.