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Music: Music Education, Musicology, Composition
Doctorate in Music
The PhD in Music Education is a rigorous program of study that aims to provide candidates with the necessary guidance and skills to become administrators, academics or researchers in the field
Music Education, Musicology, Composition at EUC
Candidates are offered the opportunity for part-time or full-time engagement in the Department’s research programs on the basis of their specialization with the aim of acquiring the necessary experience in their chosen field. In parallel, during the course of their study, they will be employed for at least two semesters as research assistants and, on the basis of their qualifications and experience, they would be able to engage in teaching undergraduate and/or post graduate courses under the supervision of members of the Department.

Program Summary

Duration:3 years
Mode of Study:On Campus

Our graduates work in:

  • Music Education
  • Teaching
  • Composition
  • Music Management

Interested in applying?

Admission Process

Our dedicated Admissions Team will guide you every step of the way by answering  all of your questions, helping you choose a program of study and starting your  EUC experience with a virtual or actual campus tour.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our Scholarship and Financial Aid program aims to provide prospective and enrolled students with information and resources to financially support your  educational goals.  This takes the form of academic scholarships, athletics scholarships and family/need-based financial aid.

Student Housing

Our student accommodation units are located only minutes from campus and are designed to offer students high quality living spaces in elegant studios and one-bedroom flats supported by great social spaces, in-house gym, laundry rooms and 24–hour security service.

European University Cyprus announces every academic year a limited number of places for doctoral studies in both Fall and Spring Semester (commencing September and February, respectively). Applications are submitted using the special application form available here link.  All necessary supporting material accompanying the application are described in the application form. Last day for submitting applications:
  • For Fall Semester: Initial deadline: 28thof February per year (if positions remain available, additional applications for these positions are accepted by the 30th of May and the 31st of August per year)
  • For Spring Semester: 1stof November per year.
The final selection is based on assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and personal interview(s). For further information, please contact Ms. Loutsia Nardi at the Office of Admissions at 22-713000.
Δομή ΠρογράμματοςECTS
Specific Coursework/Courses30
Comprehensive Qualifying Examination10
Preparation and Submission of a Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal
Ph.D. Fieldwork90
Ph.D. Dissertation Submission and Defense 30
Σύνολo Πιστωτικών Μονάδων/ECTS180

Doctorate – Music Education

Specific Coursework/Courses30 ECTS
ΚωδικόςΤίτλος ΜαθήματοςECTS
Research Methodology in Music10
Contemporary Issues in Music10
Music Seminars10
Comprehensive Qualifying Examination10 ECTS
Preparation and Submission of a Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal20 ECTS
Ph.D. Fieldwork90 ECTS
Ph.D. Dissertation Submission and Defense 30 ECTS
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